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Build your own Tomb!

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Help Lara find her way to the throne room in the Castle of Fate, and you'll win exclusive Lara Croft wallpaper from Eidos and Flatland Online!

You'll need to install the Flatland Rover software (included for free on this CD!) to play. Choose the version of Rover that is appropriate for your Web Browser:

Install the Flatland Plugin for NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR

Install the Flatland Plugin for MS INTERNET EXPLORER

Once you have installed Rover, then you are ready to explore the Castle of Fate and find your exclusive wallpaper! Enter the Castle

If you'd like to explore more Tomb Raider spots on the Web, visit the Tomb Raider gallery on the Flatland Website. You can also check out tons of other 3DML spots on the web in Flatland's 3Directory.

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