An Early Tomb Raider:10th Anniversary Build and developer files now available

We obtained an earlier build (to the one we currently have) for Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition. Thanks to Ghostblade you are now able to play it. We also got a number of developer assets that could be of interest to those with programming skills.


All downloads are available on this page.

Our sponsors on ko-fi made it possible to create a mirror for those who have issues or experiencing slow downloading speeds from 

Early Build’s developer files are located in Dev stuff/Early Dev Stuff folder.  

To get a Playable Early Build just download early, extract it anywhere and launch tombraider.exe. There is no keyboard support and you will need a controller to play this.

Please note that you might need to disable your antivirus as Windows Defender and other Anti Viruses falsely identify tombraider.exe as a trojan.

Screenshots by Ghostblade and Raina: