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Bodies of Water VR

A new game from Joby Wood, the designer of the most iconic Tomb Raider levels. Now out!

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Tomb Raider 5: Developer and Reference Files

Tomb Raider 4: Developer and Reference Files

[UPDATED] Original SFX and Voice Over from Tomb Raider 4, 5 and 6

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UPLINK Presents: Tomb Raider at 25 with Tomb of Ash

In February, I was asked to deliver a panel on Tomb Raider and its impact on gamers. You can now watch a VOD below. UPLINK is a full digital weekend extravaganza produced by the award-winning team behind the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo, that explores the cultural and societal impacts of gaming from a global […]

Left4Dead 2 Pokemon Edition. Community Stream Highlights | Feat Earl Baylon (Jonah from Tomb Raider)

Community stream! Earl Baylon (the voice of Jonah), Steve of Warr, That Norsk Chick, Rap Wins, Blademaster and Jord vs Twitch chat. Viewers redeem enemies, weapons and medipacks using channel points. 

Tomb Raider 3 Voice Over and SFX files [UPDATED]

We managed to obtain some voice over files from Tomb Raider 3 in a lossless format. These are in multiple languages including English.

These could be of use to level builders or ThatNorskChick 🙂

Developer Stream! Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness with CORE DESIGN and Jonell Elliott

Play-through of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness with the original developers. 🎙️James Kenny -artist/concept art, 🎙️Ady Smith – 3D artist, 🎙️Murti Schofield – writer, 🎙️Peter Connelly – SFX and Music, 🎙️Jonell Elliott – the voice of Lara Croft, 🎙️Neha – Crystal Dynamics community manager

Developer Stream! Tomb Raider: Chronicles with CORE DESIGN

A play-through of select levels from Tomb Raider: Chronicles with the original developers. Andy Sandham – Black Isle levels and script, Joby Wood – Russian Base levels, Martin Gibbins – programmer, Peter Connelly – SFX and Music

[DOWNLOAD] Tomb Raider 4 FMV Tomb of Seth Model

3ds max FMV model of Tomb of Seth from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

[DOWNLOAD] Tomb Raider 4 FMV Alexandria model

3ds max FMV model of Alexandria Courtyard from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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