Tomb Raider: The myth of El Hawa (starring Jonell Elliott as Lara Croft)

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As you know, I have been working to create an animated short film showing the events between Tomb Raider 4 and The Angel of Darkness. This will finally explain what happened to Lara before the events in Paris. The story is being created by Murti Schofield, the writer for the Angel of Darkness.

Jonell Elliott will be back to voice Lara and it will be done in a similar style to my Lara’s diary video I did with Shelley Blond:

Murti finished the script and it is now with Adayka for drawings and Jonell for voiceover. I am starting working on animation real soon too.

I will be live-streaming some of the work in progress processes on my discord in VIP section so if you’re a Ko‑fi supporter let me know and I’ll add you ????

A few facts about it. The film should be about 10-13 minutes long.

There are two scripts actually:

-shorter version that we are animating

-longer version that will be released after the film for those looking to read and get more details.


Adayka is doing some incredible artwork carefully guided by Murti’s notes and his insight on how he sees stuff!

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