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 Tomb of Ash is an award winning website. We were featured in a number of national and international press outlets, including Retro Gamer Magazine. Our mission is to produce great content, foster love for the original Tomb Raider games and cover important events for those who can’t attend.

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Tomb of Ash 2nd Edition
Original Tomb of Ash
Original Tomb of Ash

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item replace=”true” image=”6295″ animation_type=”hover” animation_class=”swing” css3animations_in=”Swing” title=”Audience “]Our target audience are gamers and tech enthusiasts.

Analytics at glance

  • We are being visited by ~10000 unique visitors per month.
  • Our Tumblr blog has 1500+ followers
  • Our Twitter has nearly 500 followers
  • Lead writer’s Twitter has 22K+ followers
  • Our Facebook page has 4K+ Likes with weekly organic reach of 20K+

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item replace=”true” image=”6296″ animation_type=”hover” animation_class=”swing” css3animations_in=”Swing” title=”Achievements”]Our key achievement is having our exclusive content on various games.

Our other achievements include:

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Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Celebrations at PLAY Expo

We co-organised and coordinated the largest Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Celebrations:

Trip to E3

In 2015 Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics sponsored our trip to Los Angeles and we produced a high-quality content about the show.

Baba Yaga

We produced a short animated film about the myth behind Baba Yaga. The video was nationally nominated for a Royal Television Society Award and won Community Award for the Best Video Project.[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Container]

Ash Kapriyelov

Ash Kapriyelov

Founder and Lead Writer


A huge gamer and Tomb Raider fanatic, Ash’s passion for the latter started with Tomb Raider Chronicles in 2000. He then finished every previous Tomb Raider game within 3 years just in time to play then newly released the Angel of Darkness.

Tomb Raider hugely changed his life which involved meeting amazing friends worldwide (also visiting them and hosting them) and moving to the UK.

Let alone that Ash learned 3DS Max, Photoshop and other useful software just because he wanted to create renders with Lara like guys at Core did.

In early 2000s Ash started making renders in 3DS max and people seemed to like those (that was before XNA Lara which obviously made anyone capable of creating a render these days).

Ash loves the original Core Design’s version of the game though he does find the latest (2013) reboot enjoyable 🙂 You can read about the impact that Tomb Raider franchise had on his life in this blog post.

Ash is a member of the Royal Television Society and the National Union of Journalists.

National Union of Journalists

Royal Television Society


You can learn more about Ash’s work on his professional website.

Tina Ljubenkov

Tina Ljubenkov

Social Media Coordinator


Based in Croatia, Tina (nick Terenete) is the second admin as well as videographer who runs ToA’s Facebook page and Twitter. She’s been raiding tombs since ‘98 when she got her first game on PS1, Tomb Raider III. Her preference are classic Tomb Raider games, although she has a weak spot for some of the newer games. She attended the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reveal Event in London as an official community ambassador.

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