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Interview: Jeremy Smith, Adrian Smith, Core Design (PrimaGames, 2000)

Lara has many technical fathers, but only one commercial godfather. Besides the game creators Andy Green, Robert Toone, Terry Lloyd, and Chris Shrigley, Jeremy Smith was the single sales and marketing professional in the founding team of Core Design in 1988. His company developed in ten years from a small, ambitious programming studio to become a worldwide entertainment business.

Computer Virus Simulator Creator Interview

Guest article by Wing See Li. For the first time ever, it brings me great pleasure to present the readers of the Tomb Of Ash my first, unexpected interview with
the creator of Computer Virus Simulator, D. Jagielski

[Interview] Eric Loren – Behind the Voice of Kurtis Trent

Eric Loren is a UK-based American actor and musician. He played Mr Diagoras and the Dalek Sec in Doctor Who. He also played Kurtis Trent in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness and Lieutenant in Saving Private Ryan. Eric also has appeared in 2011 Video Game, Battlefield 3, as Sergeant Steve Campo.

[Interview] Alexandre Serel. The author of The History of Tomb Raider

We chat with Alexandre Serel, the author of L’Histoire de Tomb Raider (The History of Tomb Raider).

Our interview with The Arcade

Interview – Ash Kapriélov – Tomb Of Ash – Fansite | The Arcade Check out my interview with the Arcade and learn about some behind the scenes stuff 🙂

The Interview with Richard Morton

Richard Morton was a level designer for Tomb Raider 2-6, an artist and writer for Tomb Raider 4-6, lead game designer for Tomb Raider 3-6 and environmental artist. Richard kindly took some […]

Murti Schofield – Writing the Angel of Darkness

  Tomb of Ash presents an exclusive interview with Murti Schofield – the writer of the Angel of Darkness. Along with talking about his inspiration for the story, Murti reveals […]

[INTERVIEW] Natalie Cook – the Original Real Life Lara Croft

tomb-of-ash:   In 1996, Natalie Cook was the first official model to represent Lara Croft. Today she sat down with me and a couple of folks from Survivor Reborn to talk […]

[Exclusive] Interview with Jude Gibbins – Lara’s Voice for Tomb Raider 2-3

We are delighted and honoured to present you an interview with one of Lara’s voice over actresses, Jude Gibbins. Jude voiced Lara in Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, […]

[Exclusive] Interview with Nathan McCree

Nathan McCree is a music composer and sound effects editor for various multimedia projects. Nathan wrote the iconic music for Tomb Raider 1-3 and a few weeks ago I had […]

Core Design’s “Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition” Reimagined

FreakRaider teased us with his Tomb Raider:the Angel of Darkness remake for months, now he decided to pause that project and focus on re-making the cancelled game by Core Design. […]

An Exclusive Interview with Brandon Fernandez, Animation Director for the Rise of the Tomb Raider

I had a chance to interview Brandon during my time as an ambassador for Tomb Raider community for E3 2015. Brandon talks about his work at Crystal Dynamics and how […]

[Interview] Brian Horton – Game Director for The Rise of The Tomb Raider

My exclusive interview with Brian Horton, game director for the Rise of the Tomb Raider

[Interview] John Stafford – Narrative Designer at Crystal Dynamics

A very short interview with John Stafford – Lead Narrative Designer at Crystal Dynamics. Filmed during my visit to the studio.


Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics answers community questions and learns a little bit of Russian Can we expect any nods to classic games as Lara becomes a Tomb Raider? Noah […]

[Interview] Shelley Blond – behind the voice of Lara Croft

Shelley Blond is the first and original voice of Lara Croft. Tomb of Ash presents an exclusive interview with her! An exclusive audio message from Shelley Blond! Hello Shelley, Thank you […]

Interview with Jill de Jong

Jill de Jong was the last model that represented the original Lara Croft by Core Design. Today she kindly agreed for an exclusive interview with me! Hello Jill thanks for […]

Interview with Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson was one of the major level designers for the original Tomb Raider and its first sequel. She designed a lot of levels including Lara’s manor – the full […]

Interview with Andy Sandham (part II)

Since my interview with Andy Sandham was published it received a lot of popularity and feedback. Because of all the feedback we received I wanted to open our next layout […]

Interview with Andy Sandham (Core Design)

Andy Sandham was involved in majority of Tomb Raider games by Core Design. He was an artist, level designer and a scriptwriter throughout his work on Tomb Raider series. And […]