Free posters! Celebrating Lara’s Birthday with gifts to my supporters

In 2021 I gave away tens of items including the original and rare Tomb Raider merchandise and signed copies of Tomb Raider games. I randomly gave away items on both Twitch and ko-fi.

As Lara’s birthday is fast approaching I decided to treat all the people who make Tomb of Ash possible. If you are my subscriber on Twitch* or a sponsor on Ko-fi you can claim a free double sided A1 Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony poster. 

This offer is valid for everyone who is currently subscribed or who subscribes to my Twitch or supports me on Ko-fi throughout February 2022.

Deadline for claim is March 1st


* if you were gifted a subscription you are not eligible for this. Only those who subscribed themself are eligible for a free poster.

The poster is double sided and folded into A4 so fits into a large letter envelope.

Whilst the poster itself is free I will need those who are interested in claiming one to pay for shipping. You will need to generate a postal label and send it to me (no need to pay me anything for postage). I created a claim form along with instructions on how to generate a royal mail label.

Hope this will be a great present for you all on our girl’s birthday and thank you so much for your support.