Lara Croft Signature Font (updated)

Thanks to my supporters on Ko-fi I was able to commission a handwriting font that looks just like Lara Croft’s signature.

The font was first available exclusively to ko-fi supporters on early access, but I am now releasing it to the public.

This is a version one of the font. In version two we will revise the size of the lowercase letters and add general punctuation and symbols.

Feel free to use it for your personal projects.

Upd. 11/01/2022 – V2.0 is released with some sizing tweaks, fixes of clipping and added basic punctuation.

The font is made specifically to replicate Lara’s handwriting and I will be using it in my upcoming Tomb Raider: The Myth of El-Hawa animation


Downloads v2 :

If you like it you can donate to Tomb of Ash here. I use the funds to pay for hosting or to invest in projects such as this font. Here’s a list of things I was able to do in 2021 thanks to the donations.