Out now, Retro Gamer No 163!

Out now, Retro Gamer No 163!

This Tomb Raider-themed issue features a number of interviews with Core Design, Toby Gard, Shelley Blond, yours truly and the others.


We truly thank Retro Gamer for their continuous efforts to celebrate and cherish the classic Tomb Raider games!

Ash Kaprielov, the owner of Tomb of Ash gets a special feature

We are absolutely delighted and honored to be featured in this magazine and we are extremely proud to say that we helped to make this special 20 years of Tomb Raider article happen.

Grab this special issue now in store or online (info below). It is truly a memorabilia item for every Tomb Raider fan.

“We’ve covered Tomb Raider in the past, but not from the angle of both companies and I feel it makes for an honest and interesting read” (Darran Jones, the editor of Retro Gamer)

Retro Gamer is a British magazine, covering retro videogames. It was world’s first magazine to be devoted entirely to the subject.


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