Gotta catch a new home for ‘em all

Tomb of Ash supports multiple animal charities including monthly donations to Dog Trust (we sponsor a beautiful

Doberman cross baby girl called Nula). We would like to ask our UK readers to consider helping these two abandoned pups to catch a new home! Please find a full story below and please SHARE this with your friends on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook:

Dogs Trust Glasgow has launched an appeal to find homes for two abandoned seven-week-old puppies who found themselves in the care of the charity earlier this month.

The adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies were handed into the rehoming centre as an unwanted litter, and staff have named them after popular Pokemon characters in the hope it will help them ‘catch’ the eye of a loving owner.

The mischievous pups, two boys named Pikachu and Jigglypuff, are firm favourites with staff and have been enjoying plenty of fun and games at the rehoming centre as they await loving new homes. Staff have been introducing the playful duo to lots of sights and smells, as they help them master what it takes to make a perfect family pet.

Sandra Lawton, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow comments,

“Our Pokemon puppies are such little bundles of energy – they really do keep us on our toes especially when we’ve got to catch them all after playtime! They would make wonderful additions to Pokemon-mad families who can spend time playing lots of games with their new best friends. They might even be able to take part in a spot of Pokemon Go on their daily walkies!”

“As the puppies are still so young, they are looking for new owners who can spend time continuing their training and socialisation. They can live with young children and would suit an active home with patient owners who can keep up with their playful nature! There’s no better team for our puppies than a loving family of their own, and I know it’s their destiny to find the very best owners who will give them a lifetime of love. They are such cheeky and affectionate little characters and I hope they can soon claim their rightful place as four-legged members of a devoted family.”

If you would like to offer the Pokemon puppies or any of the wonderful dogs cared for at Dogs Trust Glasgow, please call the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk.

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, caring for nearly 17,000 stray or abandoned dogs every year through its network of 20 Rehoming Centres across the UK and one in Dublin

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If you, like us, can’t offer these pups a home we’d like to kindly ask you to consider sponsoring a dog just for a few pounds a month! Here’s our Nula 🙂