Day 24: Post your favourite AoD fan artwork!

I couldn’t wait for this question! And I warn you in advance, this’ll be quite long: there are so many talented people out there so I cannot choose just one artist. The art, I’ll show you here, stick with me and believe me, sometimes it was so hard to choose just one picture (especially with the first artist).

Prepare to be amazed …

(note: when you click on the name of an artist, you’ll get to his/her gallery)


@hydraballista (tumblr)


Hydra is my most favourite artist. I like to call her ‘the Queen of TR art’ and I mean it without any pretence. Her Lara is so accurate, the expressions, the sass, the beauty.. everything! This pic, as you surely recognize, depicts the moment before fight with Eckhardt. Look at the details, how she frowns, the half-smile, that perfect braid, those eyes….!

I strongly recommned checking her other TR works (and not only that, she draws comics, Marvel characters etc.), she is super talented! The colouring and depicting of emotions in her art is breathtaking. She always brings something new to each one of TR characters, you just know it’s her art because she has this special distinctive feature; yet she keeps them recognizable, their typical signs are preserved (my personal favourites are her portrayals of Kurtis Trent). Moreover, she often pictures Lara or Kurtis in common situations and it’s so magical 🙂

Her recent project were AoD sketch cards and IT IS MAGNIFICENT! Especially the villains, omg look at the villains!!!!

that-damn-ash-kid (Tomb of Ash)

Who wouldn’t know Ash and his fanservice.. Especially when you like Lara and Kurtis. My all time favourite is this one:


Not only this Louvre affair scene is tense as hell, so amazingly shot, full of different kinds of emotions and with immensely gripping atmosphere. Lara and Kurtis meets for the first time: and let’s say their first encounter face to face is pretty rough. He is holding her at gunpoint. It’s shocking. It’s brutal. And I love how Kurtis is pictured here: merciless, victorious, mocking, enigmatic. Whereas Lara is tensed and I am sure her head is spinning around with ideas how to get from this tricky situation. until she turns around and becomes numb and fascinated 😉



This Lara is so beautiful. Her body is so realistic! She has curves, she is not pictured as skeletal figure with big boobs. She is womanly. That posture. FANTASTIC! And I have to mention how stunning is she has not her usual hairstyle. I’d turned a lesbian for Lara with loose hair!




Again, look at the body. AmnesiaMei (Fede) has absolutely fantastic skills in drawing bodies. She has some breathtaking NSFW stuff with Lara and Kurtis WHICH I FREAKING LOVE! It’s tasteful, intimate, emotinal. *sigh* Here I lost words, honestly… I’ve never seen a better porn drawing.

Fede also puts Lara into very specific situations and analyse it. Not many people venture to depict Lara in an imperfect way. Her TR art is so original, it makes you think.

Keith Byrne


I would love this one to be an official game cover. The dark colours are so suitable for AoD atmosphere. Nothing is missing in it: Lara being the main protagonist (heroine would not be an apt word), Kurtis as her supporting partner (because he isn’t a simple sidekick, he is an important part of the story; don’t forget he is mentioned in the credits of the trailer), the villain, Nephilim in the background, the story locations… This is simply one of the best AoD tributes.



I love this one for the dark atmosphere, Lara’s outfit (so perfect) and the moment it depicts.



This one was once my long loooong time desktop wallpaper. This is how I’ve always pictured them: partners in crime, fighting together side by side.



Quite a recent render, depicting what could have been if we had the planned AoD sequel The Lost Dominion. Look at the outfits! They are so badass here! This is what I wanted with them: joining forces, kicking Nephilim’s ass… and later to see more development in their relationship *sigh*



Last but not least, Leksa. Her drawings are original, very distinctive… The Lara above is so pretty, I like her ruffled hairstyle.
But what I love even more is Leksa’s Kurtis, especially with the cloak. He is so hot here! That facial expression. He is rough, angry, determined, manly. OMG!

I am so sorry I only sticked to Keyth when I did this challenge a year ago, before knowing this amazing people, because honestly, @hydraballista, @amnesiamei and @tomb-of-ash are life to me.