Split – A VERY Tomb Raider Place

Being a
Tomb Raider fan has its perks, one of which is that you get to know people from
all across the world; that is if you don’t spend most of your time on one
particular forum talking about Madonna/Rihanna/Britney and posting selfies. In

The Role of Tomb Raider in my life

I wrote about how important the Tomb Raider series has
been in my life and I mentioned meeting my online friends in real life. Today I
will be writing about the hometown of one of those friends.

I’ve been
to many locations that were featured in the Tomb Raider games or otherwise
related to it and, as any fan would, I always notice things that cause a “Oh
it’s just like in Tomb Raider” reaction. I have a very good friend, Terenete,
who manages a Facebook page for the Tomb of Ash so visiting her is kinda like a
holidays/tourism/meeting my fellow Tomb Raider fanatic type of trip. After
visiting Split twice I must say there are way too many moments like this and I
think it’s about time I wrote an article about it.

Split is an
ancient Roman city situated on Croatia’s coast, bordering the Adriatic Sea.
They filmed parts of Game of Thrones there (for those of you who like Game of
Thrones, I personally don’t). The city is built on an ancient palace and has
lots of similarities in its architecture to the Roman levels in Tomb Raider


Well, not
only Tomb Raider Chronicles, the original Tomb Raider too! I think this door
looks just like St Francis Folly’s door, though some suggest it looks like
the library doors in TR4.


Split is
basically heaven if you’re looking for locations for your cosplay photoshoots.


Did I
mention catacombs?


Hope there are no traps here!


And once
you’re tired of ancient stuff you can always do some underwater shots, the sea
is lovely!


They also
have a couple of shipwrecks (TR Reboot) though they seem to be removing them