Super Mario toys in McDonald’s Happy Meal

Guest article by Wing See Li.

As of 11th
January, a new batch of Super Mario toys have released only exclusively in the
McDonald’s restaurants across the United Kingdom. If you live outside of the
United Kingdom, the only way you can purchase these toys is on the Amazon or
Ebay, or if you have a friend in Great Britain, you
can ask them to get the toys and send them to you via airmail. Alternatively,
travel to England to acquire the toys at a McDonald’s restaurant of choice. Apparently,
this is the third time the Super Mario Happy Meal toys are back in full force! This
Super Mario toys promotion ends on the 7th February, according to
the poster shown on the picture below.  

The poster with all of the Super Mario toys, the Happy Meal Box and an
Activation Kit.

All of the Mario toys are positioned against a Mushroom
Kingdom backdrop.

In the first week, you could choose between Mario and

Unlike the previous series of Super Mario toys, these
little plastic bags have the Super Mario logo on them.

 (Video credit: McDonald’s UK)

The toys are
released in this order: Yoshi and Mario in week one, Red Shell and Princess
Peach in week two, Super Star and Blocks and Bowser in week three and finally,
Luigi and Piranha Plant in week four. At the time of writing, Super Star and
Blocks and Bowser are now available to buy with or without a Happy Meal.  

If you wish  to collect all of the toys, there is an option to purchase the toys
for £2.00 without Happy Meal at the counter. Speaking of the toys, each of them
costs 99p. However, you can only buy two at a time in a corresponding week. If
you’re unsure which toys are obtainable, you can ask any of the staff members
before splashing your cash on them.

Along with the
Happy Meal, you can pick up a black and white colouring page and an activation
kit for free (depending on the restaurant). You must follow the instructions
and fold the kit in different ways in order to reveal a character card and
locate Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends.

Most noticeably,
each Super Mario toy is contained and secured in a small, transparent plastic
bag with a Super Mario logo plastered on it at the centre but every colour of
said logo differs from each other depending on which toy you got. Each plastic
bag includes a toy and a picture presenting all of the toys on the front and
illustrated instructions on the back. Not only that but this year’s group of
Super Mario toys look more detailed than the previous Super Mario toys.

If you’re a
long-time die-hard Mario fan or if you’re new to the Mario franchise, or you’re
just a gamer, the Happy Meal toys will be perfect for your collection.

If reading
e-books are up your street, see the Super Mario Happy Meal box for more details
on how to download them to your tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.

Stay tuned for
more Super Mario related news, articles and reviews.

Wing See Li for
Tomb of Ash

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