Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Project Explained

There are so many “Lara Croft”
variations which makes Tomb Raider fans heavily segmented. There’s Classic
Lara, Lara from the Trilogy, Reboot Lara, Lara from comic books by topcow, Lara
from comic books by Dark Horse, Lara from films and even Laura Coft. Recent
console wars are also contributing to our segmentation. I wonder what if we all
came together for some awesome fan made project to celebrate the 20th
anniversary of Tomb Raider? 

So what’s this about?

A few months ago we’ve started this project. The idea is to unite all
the fans across the world in a video. We will be making short sequences with
fans that will be separated by a frame yet there will be some sort of sense of
connection, regardless the distance. Something like this video.

Awesome! Do you have any sample shots?

Yes, we do! Here is our first sample shot of Pierre (Rident) being
killed by Lara (Jill de Jong).


Wow Jill de Jong! Who else is involved?

We actually got quite some people involved already, including some of
the original staff members: Jeremy Heath-Smith, Nathan McCree, Shelley Blond,
Judith Gibbins, Ian Livingston, Jill de Jong (see above) and many others.

 Can I be a part of this?

YES, you can. Join our Facebook Group now and get involved!  you can be from ANY country as long as you have some sort of video
recording device.

I only like specific (classic, trilogy, reboot, film, comic) Lara, does this matter?

No, as mentioned above we want to unite everyone.

So I just need a camera right?

Yep, we will mute all the audio.

I’ve got an idea for this project!

Just post it in the thread
along with a short description about yourself.

 Make sure you share this post so we get more people involved! Only a year to go 😀