Tomb Raider: 30 Day Challenge



Day 14: Has Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider series made an impact on your life?

Hell yeah, of course, totally. what Lara Croft meant to me is basically summarized at my Croft Confession that @tomb-of-ash and @classiccroft had the detail to include on a video who was displayed before Core Design fellas in Ash event last October.

So that’s the impact Lara made in my life. I’ve always been interested in Art and History, also in books and culture, and I’m sure I’d have been what I am even if never meeting her – but she was a powerful reinforcement. 

A woman who was educated, clever and polite, but also strong, powerful and independent, who made her own luck and did amazing things I’ll never get to do in real life – I mean the sport and action part, the cultural is already here with me 🙂 – can’t be but inspirational.

Curiously, I was never a fan of Indiana Jones. My Indiana Jones was Lara Croft. After Crystal Dynamics ruined her, I tried to find a substitute in Nathan Drake and Uncharted, but she has no substitute.

She’s been also a great inspirational source for writing – the only kind of fanfiction I’ve ever written is for Tomb Raider – for TRAOD storyline, particularly. The rest is personal work. So she was the only reason I found to write fanfiction, a thing that I’ve not done – and I’d probably never do – in other fandoms.

She was the heroine of my childhood and she keeps inspiring me for writing, so it’s been authentic torture what Crystal has done to her, and also the big effort put on discrediting her focusing on her physical aspect or her spirit.

But in the end this does not change a thing, at least for me. She was an inspiration to me, and she will be forever, no matter I lost her in 2003. Because I do not recognize any Lara Croft but the classic-TRAOD one, the creature of Core Design. Who came after her are just impostors.