Tomb Raider: Above the Horizon

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The game takes place in the old town of Metropolis, during the siege by Nova – an organization founded many years ago in absolute secrecy. Their sole purpose was to proclaim a new faith. They believed in technology and the existence of a higher intelligence which gave birth to our world and the human civilisation. Scientists from the organization finally found something that gave Nova deep conviction about the righteousness of their theories and goals. The newly discovered element – Lumonium, was supposed to ensure innovation and evolution for the city.

Unfortunately, no one expected that the truth behind their facade is different and that the members of the organisation have their own goals. When Nova reached the maximum of their potential, and gathered enough firearms and equipment, they have started a revolution, that has in effect led to overthrowing of the city’s authorities and managed to subordinate all of it’s residents. Metropolis was turned into a fortress, surrounded by a huge wall. No one could gain access or leave the city. Nova’s fanaticism was revealed in full potential shortly after they achieved their main goals. They believed that the new element was not discovered by an accident but instead it was a gift from their god – The Bright Emissary. Soon Nova began to kidnap a chosen group of residents who have never been seen again.