Tomb Raider Level Editor Competition

Tomb of Ash hosts regular competitions and giveaways. Today
we are happy to reveal a special competition for our talented Tomb Raider Level
Editor enthusiasts.

Contestants are asked to create “Tomb of Ash” as a level (or

Details and terms:

Contestants are asked to create a level based on our website, Tomb of Ash. Contestants are encouraged to include references to our content in their creations. Contestants may wish to create a level inside a Tomb of Ash, or a level where the goal is to get into the said Tomb. Or something completely different.

·         Tomb of Ash is an award-winning, independent videogame related blog. Our branding features Ancient Egyptian symbols and motifs. As such we highly recommend the use of Egyptian assets.

Tomb of Ash uses Anubis as its mascot, we ask
contestants to utilise the image or a 3D model of Anubis throughout the level (or levels).

You can download our logo
pack from here

There is no specific rule for the size of the
level. We also allow entries with multiple levels.

Tomb of Ash is a home for many previously unseen
materials and we always have stuff yet to unveil. Contestants should consider
that when they design their levels. Perhaps the levels should feature some
hidden rooms?

You are free to represent the content from our
website in any way or form. For example, you may wish to represent articles
from our website as papyrus scrolls.

Ultimately, all
artistic decisions are up to you
. We will be looking for smart and
interesting representations of our website and our work in your levels.

As you may have noticed, we love the original
Core Design Tomb Raider. Contestants should consider this when choosing which
representation of Lara Croft they will be choosing for their level.

Contestants are free to use any 3rd party
assets in their creation as long as it does not violate terms and conditions
for the said assets. This basically means if you’ve downloaded a model you need to
make sure the author allows you to use the said model in the level.

If contestant is using any 3rd party
assets they must credit the original authors of those assets. This can be done
in a form of end credits for the level (or levels) or as a special note in
level description. 

All levels must come with a description. The
description should not be longer than 500 words. CREDITS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR WORD COUNT.

·         By submitting your levels you allow us to do Let’s Play videos, streams, screenshots and similar content. 


We also reserve right to host the level on our website. You are free to upload your level anywhere but only after the competition is over and the winners are announced. 

·         You can showcase your work in progress screenshots etc anywhere.. That being said we will not be looking at those as we would like to avoid spoilers 🙂 

·         You can use any tools, including Next Gen Level Editor.

deadline for submissions is 18:00 GMT 1st of June. 

winner will receive Playmates Tomb
Raider Area 51 Action Figure.

and Third place
winners will receive POP
Lara Croft Vinyl Figure.

All the prizes above are brand new and come in the original boxes.

·         We love awarding all creators for their efforts. We may add more prizes for the 4th and 5th places in the future. We reserve right to award every non-winning entrant with a small prize.

We are
welcoming submissions from creators from any country worldwide.

If you have any other questions or you wish to submit your
entry do send us an email