Core Design’s “Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition” Reimagined

FreakRaider teased us with his Tomb Raider:the Angel of Darkness remake for months, now he decided to pause that project and focus on re-making the cancelled game by Core Design.

Hi FreakRaider, I know you were working on the AOD Remaster. Why you’ve abandoned the project and what are you working on at the moment?


I paused the project for now, due to the loss of incredibly important data, namely the whole Movement logic for Lara. And since I had organized hardly anything I was unable to get that data back again. At the moment I am working on another remake. I will be remaking Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition by Core Design.


May I just say your AOD remaster looks incredible! What tools you’re using for your projects?

Thanks! For the AoD Remaster I used the same tools as I will be using for my TRAE remake. All the shading and such is done by the Unreal Engine and me configuring bits of it. To animate I used 3DS Max, and the models I imported to 3DS Max with XNA Lara. Other than those tools I haven’t really used any others. The resources, like the Parisian Backstreets, I extracted from the game and other objects I got for free on the internet.


How do you approach your TRAE remake project then? There’s really not so much data to go on with: we’ve got a short trailer, a few screenshots and concept art.

I plan on doing the remake by all the images I gathered from the internet, the places we can see in the trailers and the concept art. But since those sources are obviously not enough, I will also just put my own imagined stuff into the game. For now I only plan on remaking the Peru section, so all levels until Tomb Of Qualopec. Maybe once I reached that point I will also make the other parts.


Will you be implementing the co-op function like Core planned with their second character (Melissa Croft) in TRAE?

I am not sure about that at the moment, it would be a cool option though. I would need lots of help with doing that, but luckily I have someone who helps me with too complicated things. We’ll see what the future holds, maybe yes, maybe no.


Melissa Croft from Core Design’s TRAE

Will you be doing cutscenes as well?

Yes, I will be doing cutscenes as well.

Who will be voicing Lara in those?

I am not sure about that just yet. Either I will be just taking the original voice’s or I will be getting myself some help. I know who could voice Lara.


Are you going to include all the original animations and mechanics in the game then? Your early video shows some original-inspired rolling animations

Yes, all the animations will be based off TR1 Lara’s. I will even try to implement the side jumping.

Awesome! What Lara model you plan to use?

I think I will stick to the one you saw in that video. It’s by Legendg85.


Lastly, when do you plan to release the first levels for us  to enjoy?

When they’re ready 😉 That should not be so long, because programming classic Lara’s movement is way easier that one with free controllable cameras. I am not promising anything, but in the next few months at least videos and maybe a trailer will be released.

Thank you so much for your time. Good luck with your project, can’t wait to slay the T-Rex one more time!

Thanks! 🙂