Ever wondered what happened to Lara and Kurtis after the Angel of Darkness and after Crystal Dynamics took over the series? Well wonder no more!

This supposed to be my creative project for college lol. I’ve decided to do the animation rather than short film, for a number of reasons, one of which was me wanting for years to do some Tomb Raider animation.
I haven’t done anything in 3ds max in like 2 years (and even back then my skills were quite low/average) and despite poor animation and bad sound (as all voice actors live in different countries – USA, Spain, Croatia; and they all have different devices to record sound, and that of course affects the overall quality of sound); but I’m still very proud of this.
Hope you will enjoy this as much as we all were enjoying making it, and hopefully this will help to deal with anticipation of the new Tomb Raider game (I personally very looking forward to it:) )

PS. Tools used: 3ds max 2012, Adobe Premiere (just to avoid questions 🙂 )
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thanx to everyone helping me doing this thing, I’m so proud of this as I believe this is gonna be the only project on my entire course which will live outside the class, as it has its audience – die hard Tomb Raider fans 🙂

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Check renders, wallpapers and screenshots here