[Exclusive] Interview with Jude Gibbins – Lara’s Voice for Tomb Raider 2-3

We are delighted
and honoured to present you an interview with one of Lara’s voice over actresses,
Jude Gibbins. Jude voiced Lara in Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, along
with adverts and trailers for the game.


Hello Jude. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!  

Hello Ash, Thank you for your interest in wanting to know about my time as Lara Croft. I hope you find my answers an enjoyable read.

How did you find out that the Tomb Raider developers needed a voice actress for videogame icon Lara Croft?  Were you approached or cast?

I had a phone call from my brother, who was a programmer working at Core Design, and he said they were holding auditions for a voice to a character in a computer game, I asked who it was and of course it was for Lara Croft, to which I replied “who is that and what does she look like?” (well you can imagine the disgust in his face). Anyway I thought about it and decided to have a go. I was given a page of script and they recorded me at their studios in Derby… If I remember rightly, there were about eight other girls who turned up too. I recorded one evening and got a phone call the next day to say I had got the part.

How did you react when you got the position?  What were you first reactions?  

When I got the part I was so excited I could not believe it. My first reaction was to shout it from the roof tops because of course by then I knew all about Lara Croft. However, I was not allowed to tell anyone, the directors wanted it to be a secret. The only person I told was my son.

Prior to you being cast as Lara Croft did you play Tomb Raider at all? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

I’m afraid as for playing the actual Tomb Raider games… I am useless at it. But I think it is fascinating and I admire anyone who has the patience for them.

Have you done voice acting before or after you were Lara Croft?

Lara Croft has been my only voice over work. Before that I had danced and sang in my local amateur dramatics society based in Derby, “The Good Companions” where I stayed for 32 years. Wonderful memories. So I suppose that helped with the acting. I would love to do more voice over work, I loved it all.

What was most unusual about this role?  What parts did you like or dislike?

All my experiences as Lara Croft were varied and challenging but exciting and enjoyable. The only thing I disliked is the fact I had to keep it a secret. Although the press soon got wind of it and as result I did a lot of interview’s for television and radio. They were nerve racking I can tell you!

Where did you have to go to be recorded and was there anyone from Core Design there at the time to direct you? What directions did they give you? 

Most of the recording was done either in London or at Core Design. I had a lot of instructions on how they wanted her to sound and sometimes I could do a line many times until they were satisfied it was right. I did however have a lot of help from Nathan McCree, as you might know he wrote the music for Tomb Raider, He was really kind and gave me a lot of advice and help. We are still friends today.

Have you integrated quotes from the script of either Tomb Raider games you have worked on into daily life?

The only time I quote as Lara Croft in my real life is if i am asked to, otherwise not really. Although I did do an answer machine message once as Lara for a friend!

How different was it to voice Sophia Leigh compared to Lara Croft?  How was it to voice both halves of a conversation since both of them interacted?

What happened with Sophia Leigh, as I remember, I was asked to do the lines at a separate time than Lara and they didn’t know if they would actually my voice so my honest answer to that is I am not sure if it is my voice, although I have heard it and it does sound like me!

Who did you like to voice more Lara or Sophia?

I loved voicing Lara Croft and I am very proud and privileged to have had her in my life.

Does anyone recognize your voice in real life to be that of Lara Croft?  

I don’t get recognised by my voice, I am sorry to say.

Do you recall any funny moments or outtakes that occurred during the process?  

I had a lot of fun in the studios and yes there were many outtakes and laughter. The hardest thing to record was the breath she took coming out of the water… that took some time and it was so funny to hear some of the sounds, we were in stitches! Oh and I am afraid I used to swear a lot too!

Have you followed the Tomb Raider series since your work was done?  If so, how do you feel about the adjustments and the direction of the development?  

I think the direction of the Tomb Raider games is fantastic. The graphics are superb. How Lara has evolved too is fantastic and that goes for her voice today as well. I think all the Lara voices have done a brilliant job and of course she has changed with the times like most thing do.

Thank you very much for your time!

Well Ash I hope this is a good read and I look forward to hearing more about the [Special project – TBA soon]!