Full Confession:

Back during the early school days, A family member bought me a Tomb Raider cap. I loved it, but was saddened that I knew that I’d be teased for wearing it so I never did (Yeah, a male who loves such a beautiful woman like Lara gets teased …never understood the logic of other kids of my age.) Lara never really took off in Australia, so I only had myself to share my gaming adventures with. During the tougher times, I used to play Tomb Raider locked in a room to drown out the problems outside. I used to get so into it that I’d go into my own little world, it was a great distraction. I had the option of Crash Bandicoot, Croc and all those other games designed for those of a younger demographic but on that Christmas of 96 when I got my first Playstation (at 5 years old), Tomb Raider was the first one to catch my eye and it was the first ever PS game I played. 20 years later I am now 25 and still definitely a long time veteran fan of this genius and seemingly never ending franchise! 

My partner recently pointed out my love for Lara after realising a few years in a row now, the only birthday message I would really smile and be excited about
are the ones from Judith Gibbins. “Lara sent me a birthday message again!”.

We are forever in debt to all involved in the initial creation and continuation of Lara’s story. There’s still some juice left. Thank you.“ ~ Zac, Australia

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