Full Confession:

Hi my name is Emma and I just wanted to share my thoughts on Lara croft and the tomb raider franchise.First off I wanna say that tomb raider and Lara croft have been my happiness and lifelong passion for almost 20 years now.I first got into tomb raider when my dad gave me the original tomb raider game on PlayStation in 1996 and I remember that I loved the game instantly. The puzzles,action,story,impressive locations and the feel and atmosphere to the game was the best I’ve ever played in.It was the first game that I ever played and continued to love the franchise since then to the present day.After the first game I got every one on PlayStation from then on and every one had left a big impression on me,they were exciting,pleasing,fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyable.Lara croft was also a character I was always fond of and I liked her immensely from the start.I think she is independent,strong,a very nice character and good person.I hope that I will carry on enjoying the rest of the games for as long as crystal dynamics carry on making the games.

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