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“I first tried out Tomb Raider back in 2013 with the reboot and fell in love with the series ever since. It’s had some positive influences on me, I’ve been more social and actually made some really awesome friends from the fandom. I love all the incarnations of Lara, but reboot Lara sits closer to my heart. It may seem silly but I have trouble showing my emotions. All throughout my life I just bottled up my emotions because I didn’t want to bother anyone with them, I thought I was doing a good thing, but all it did was make my emotional state worse. Reboot Lara changed my view. She showed me that it’s okay to be scared, sad, or mad, and there’s nothing wrong with it. What makes her inspirational is that she shows these emotions but doesn’t give up because of them, it’s what keeps her going. Whenever she’s knocked down she always gets back up. I’m trying to open up more because of her, I still have issues but I’m getting better. Tomb Raider means a lot to me, even if I’ve only been a fan for three years. I’m very thankful for all the series has given.”

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