Kurtis Trent Spin-off Game Design Document – Part 2


We’ve received a number of documents on the abandoned Kurtis Trent spin-off game, a prequel to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. These were sent to us anonymously. This particular anonymous contributor has sent a number of screenshots and documents to us in the past and they were eventually verified by members of the Core Design team. As such, we have no doubts about the authenticity of these documents.



This is the final version of the game design document dated 3rd of September 2001.



Part 2


  • Linking paranormal powers
  • Paranormally enhanced firepower
  • Game Levels and Events List
  • Kurtis Trent character animations
  • PSX 2 controller
  • Pick ups and reward system
  • Psychic power – Kurtis transformation
  • Game map building
  • Using the environment to full effect
  • Playable cut scene sequences
  • Paranormal weapon training
  • Training sub games
  • Snares
  • Traps
  • Ghosts and spirits
  • Save game points
  • Onscreen meters – Mortal energy meter
  • Onscreen meters – Paranormal energy meter
  • Onscreen meters – Ammunition
  • Kurtis’ mortal energy – Refueling
  • Kurtis’ paranormal energy – Refueling
  • Evil or good – Player choice
  • Antidote for evil
  • Evil or good – Animation changes
  • Door puzzles
  • Professor to Kurtis information link up
  • Multi-player game
  • Weather effects


The player can link two powers together.

They will need to do this if they want to see through a locked door with the x-ray vision and levitate an object on the other side of the door.

Select the Paranormal powers inventory (L1 + D PAD – UP ARROW) and scroll an item into the hi-lighted selection area with the D PAD – UP/DOWN arrows.

Keep the L1 button depressed and now press D PAD – RIGHT ARROW and a duplicate inventory pops up.

Repeat the selection (D PAD – UP ARROW) process and when the L1 button is released the player is returned to the game with their choice of linked paranormal powers.



All of the weapons in the Hand weapon and Throwing weapon inventory can be power-boosted by combining Hand weapons and Throwing weapons with the Psychic power button.

As Kurtis becomes more ‘paranormal’, (indicated on the paranormal meter bar) his guns and grenades can be infused with occult energy to pack a bigger punch.

The appearance of the bullets and grenades will also change. A burning halo appears around them as they fly towards their target.


Select a Hand weapon or Throwing weapon.

Hold down the L1 – Psychic power

Game Levels and Events List


Basic moves


Personality moves – smoking a cigarette/eating peanuts.



Strafe – left + right



Belly Crawl

Jump – upwards/forwards/backwards – (hop)

Rolling – left/right/forward

Stepping – left/right/forward/backwards

Death move

Weakened slouch

Hit reactions – punch, shot, electrocution etc.


World interaction

Push door

Kick locked door open

Climbing – ladders

Press button – chest height

Operate keyboard – table height

Pick up object

Throw object



Holster + Draw firearm

Fire firearm

Reload firearm

Grab + Throw Grenade

Cast/throw salt

Hold occult amulet


Trance state – out of body movement

Mind control – arm extended to move objects/humans etc..

Psychic wave – tense up crouch move and release

Levitation stance – angelic pose

Psychic Energy Drain – same as mind control move

Psychic Shield – cross arms and brings head down

Psychic overload – hands holding head, stumbling around

Psychic blast – arms extended, hands together/open


Hand to hand fighting


Punch – psychic same move

Kick –        “   “

Shove –       “   “

Block –       “   “



AL – Half forward = Walk

AL – Full forward = Run

AL – Full back = Jump back

AL – Left/right = Turn around

L3 + 1 click = Crouch. To exit crouch : L3 + 1 click = Stand

L3 + 2 clicks = Crawl. To exit crawl : L3 + 1 click = Stand

AR – Left/right = Strafe sideways

AL – Forward + AR – Forward = Sneak

AL – Full forward + SQUARE – Tap = Jump forward

AL – Full back + SQUARE – Tap = Jump backwards

L1 –   Hold down to combine psychic power with weapons and fighting moves.

Hold down to build up a stronger release of psychic power.

On screen charge bar will indicate level of power.

L1 – Hold = Psychic power + TRIANGLE – Block = Psychic shield

R1 + D PAD – UP ARROW –  Hold down  = Hand weapons (Show menu)

R1 + D PAD – DOWN ARROW –  Hold down  = Throwing weapons (Show menu)

R1 + D PAD – LEFT ARROW –  Hold down  = Inventory (Show menu)

R1 + D PAD – RIGHT ARROW –  Hold down  = NOT USED

To select an item from the D PAD menus do the following:

+ AL – Left/right scroll to pick item. When high lighted release the D PAD arrow button

L1 + D PAD – UP ARROW –  Hold down  = Paranormal powers (Show menu)

L1 + D PAD – DOWN ARROW –  Hold down  =

L1 + D PAD – LEFT ARROW –  Hold down  =

L1 + D PAD – RIGHT ARROW –  Hold down  =

To select an item from the D PAD menus do the following:

+ AL – Left/right scroll to pick item. When high lighted release the D PAD arrow button

L1 – Psychic power + SQUARE – Jump = Levitation

To steer the character in levitation mode use a combination of AL and AR:

AL – Left/right = Turn around

AR – Left/right = Hover left/hover right

AR – Forward/back = Hover up/hover down

R1 – Hold = Weapons/Throwing weapons/Inventory selection in conjunction with D – PAD arrow buttons

The Kurtis character freezes and a ball of light leaves his body.

To steer the ball to a host body in the out of body mode use a combination of AL and AR:

AL – Left/right = Turn around

AR – Left/right = Hover left/hover right

AR – Forward/back = Hover up/hover down

Fly into the host body you want to capture and control. They will move using the same controls as the Kurtis character.

L2 – Hold = Psychic power drain

To direct the beam onto a host body use:

AL – Left/right = Turn around

AR – Forward/Back = Up/down

L1 – Hold – Psychic power + CROSS – Tap = Psychic power blast

Mind control over objects:

R2 – Hold = Mind control over objects

Steer crosshair over object with:

AL – Left/right/forward/back + 1 click = Capture object

Move with:

AL – Left/right = Turn around

AR – Left/right = Hover left/hover right

AR – Forward/back = Hover up/hover down

Release with:

AL + 1 click = Release


CROSS –      Tap = Action/punch Note: Hold down longer for greater distance throws with objects.

SQUARE – Tap = Jump up

CIRCLE – Tap = Kick

TRIANGLE – Tap = Defensive block



Paranormal energy

Mortal energy


Occult artifacts

Evil antidote



When Kurtis uses his paranormal powers his appearance changes in subtle ways.

Apart from residual energy auras and ghostly special effects, his physical appearance will alter.

Hair becomes charged and glows.

His eyes burn with a blue fire.

Clothing becomes charged and floats away from his body.



Dimensions are in meters. Y axis is up.

Steps, stairs, walkways, doorways, windows, machines, ladders and furniture will all be built in metric scale.

See Kurtis Trent character animations for the characters walk/jump distances.



The game world will feature pits, ledges and suspended walkways and bridges.

Enemy characters can be thrown from high points while suspended walkways can be dropped on top of enemies.



Some cut scenes will require the player to interact with the action.

This can be as simple as pressing a button on the control pad at a certain time to ‘help’ one of the characters achieve a task in the film.



The player must master the powers before being allowed to use them in the game.

Failure to master a power does not end the game, but leaves Kurtis vulnerable.

If Kurtis practices his powers often they will become easier to control and also more powerful.

The Professor will pop in and chide Kurtis for not practicing enough. This warning stops when Kurtis has reached a certain level of proficiency.



Professor Francis instructs Kurtis in how to use the paranormal weapons.

These training sessions will take the form of simple sub games.

When a training session begins, the camera fly’s into Kurtis mind and the player is transported to a room suitable for the lesson. This could be anything – a Japanese style interior or a deserted temple.



Web – Sticky and saps Kurtis’ paranormal powers.

Bubble – Transparent energy ball that blocks Kurtis’ path.

Vortex – Step on this and you are spun around while your energy is drained.

Trip wires (linked to Traps).



Dark mist –    Brings down a dark cloud that restricts the players view distance.

Gas –             A cloud of poisonous gas wells out of the floor. This will sap Kurtis’ strength.

Scatter bombs –       These are occult symbols that appear on the floor.

They move in random patterns, crossing each others path.

If Kurtis treads on them they will explode and sap his energy.

Demon sentry –         This alerts a demon guard who will materialize and fight Kurtis.

Psychic disrupter –   Emits a chaff effect that disrupts the Map scanners display.



The save point where the player can store their game is represented by a wall mounted telephone kiosk.

These telephones are placed around the level and are activated by walking up and pressing the CROSS (action) button on the controller.

An option screen appears showing the previous save positions in the city.

Add your current position to the list.

The player’s current energy, inventory, weapons and location in the game world are stored on the PS2 memory card.

Highlight the EXIT command with the D PAD – RIGHT ARROW and press the CROSS (action) button to return to the game world.



This onscreen meter indicates the amount of energy the player has remaining.



This onscreen power meter indicates the amount of psychic charge being used when the player presses the L1 – Psychic power button.

The diagram below shows the power scale.


The longer the L1 – Physic power button is held the greater the eventual discharge of energy.

If the player exceeds the safe zone limit and enters the danger zone then the eventual discharge of energy can have unpredictable effects on Kurtis and his surroundings.

These can be one of the following:

  1. Kurtis dies (if mortal     energy is low).
  2. Shape change
  3. Kill mortals in the     immediate vicinity
  4. Fire storm



A three digit figure is displayed indicating the number of rounds remaining in the currently selected weapon.




To replenish physical energy levels:

Eat and drink the food pickups.

Another way is to avoid expending energy and wait. Kurtis’ mortal energy level will creep slowly up to its former position, but will never rise above without collecting more pick-ups.



When an enemy is defeated it will drop energy pick-ups.

Kurtis grabs these and they increase his paranormal abilities and slow the rate that his paranormal energy is expended.

After a set number of energy pick-ups have been collected, Kurtis will receive new paranormal powers.

Another way is to avoid using paranormal powers and wait. As time passes Kurtis’ paranormal energy level will creep slowly up to its former position, but will never rise above without collecting more pick-ups.



This meter shows how ‘evil’ or ‘good’ Kurtis has become while playing the game.

Evil pros

Progress faster through the game by killing anything that moves. (Demon or human).

Evil cons

Kurtis is more susceptible to demon attack. (His power drains faster in combat).

He can’t enter certain protected holy rooms and must use an antidote to restore his good rating.

See: “Antidote for evil”

Good pros

Keeps Kurtis’ energy high and it lasts longer in combat.

Good cons


Progress more slowly through the game by using controlled violence.



This pick up will restore Kurtis good rating and allow him to enter rooms protected with a spell to repel evil.



Depending on how ‘evil’ or ‘good’ Kurtis is played, the character animations change accordingly.

A ‘good’ Kurtis will hold back and only use his fists on a human, but an ‘evil’ Kurtis will use a more violent set of animations with a knife or gun move.



Using the LV amulet – Part 3 Kurtis can x-ray a locked and bolted door.

Using the mind control power he can then slide or rotate the lock mechanisms into an open position.

Lock mechanisms will be in the form of Chinese sliding block puzzles.

There is no time limit on them and the player can have as many attempts as they need.



The Professor can help Kurtis with hints and tips through the voice com-link – a micro video camera attached to Kurtis’ head allows the Professor to see what Kurtis is looking at.

The Professor will request Kurtis to look at a certain object in the room. If Kurtis does this the Professor will identify it and supply some information on how to tackle the problem.

As Kurtis’ power increases this electronic link is superceded by a telepathic connection.

Both methods will be liable to demonic/electronic jamming that will deprive Kurtis of his back up.



Up to four players can choose to play the main characters from the game.

Special mini-missions will be available:

1. Capture the flag.

2. Timed obstacle course.

3. Death match.

These environments will be unique to the multi-player option, but will use the texture banks created for the main game.



Weather will be used to add atmosphere, but can also add to the game play.

For instance, a dark room can be illuminated by a lighting flash to reveal enemies hiding in the dark, while snow and ice can make a surface slippery.




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