Dreamfall Chapters

Many contemporary videogame writers are pushing for
realistic representations of characters that in theory the audience would connect with.

For me personally it is hardly ever the case. Yes, I will
enjoy the game, I will love the story, maybe even like some characters but by
the end of the game I will feel some sort of accomplishment that I’ve finished
the game rather than a connection with the game world, if that makes sense.

It is possibly because I am bulletproof when it comes to
emotions, yes I still cry when Mufasa dies in the Lion King but it is generally
hard to get me out of my pokerface zone.

Today however I was absolutely destroyed when I finished
Dreamfall Chapters. This is probably how a Game of Thrones fan would feel when
they’d watch the very last episode of the series.

It took the developers 16 years to create three incredible
games that had absolutely incredible story, characters, locations and visuals.
And whilst the characters and settings were completely unrealistic I
experienced the strongest bond with them. I honestly did not expect to feel so
emotional at the end of the game. This just proves that you don’t have to
create super realistic characters and locations in order for the audience to
feel connected and associated with.

Hands down to Ragnar Tørnquist and Dag Scheve who wrote the
story and everyone else at Red Thread Games for creating such an incredible

If you’re looking for something to play over the summer do
check these games out, they’re worth it:

Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The
Longest Journey


BRB I need more tissues 🙁

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July 21, 2017
Excellent series. Enjoy the original back in the day. 2001-2002 I believe? I've followed them all since. Really wish TLJ Home wasn't cancelled. I'd love to see April Ryan playable in the traditional point n click interface.

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