Further details on the Angel of Darkness universe from Murti Schofield, the writer of the game. 

Vasiley is a highly suspect art and antiques dealer based in Prague. He has connections to the Russian mafia with illicit dealings in many lucrative areas including arms. It is because of these connections that the Prague hack Luddick thinks the shady dealings in Prague are a Mafia setup instead of something much more dangerous, such as the Cabal.


Vasiley has uncovered five Obscura Engravings from a hoard of damaged antiquities salvaged from an ancient monastery site in a mountainous region of Spain. When Mlle Carvier contacts him regarding the Obscuras he deals with her and then with Von Croy to sell four of the Engravings. He keeps the fifth and last one back, ostensibly to haggle for a higher price. But there are other parties closing in.

Vasiley has also uncovered one of the five Obscura Paintings themselves in Russia. His luck runs out before he can inform Von Croy or negotiate a deal. He gets brutally murdered by a member of the Cabal. Before his death however, he manages to hide the fifth Engraving somewhere on his premises.


The sinister truth behind Vasiley’s shadowy life is that he is a renegade Lux Veritatiswho disappeared at the end of WWII. He evaded both Cabal forces and the Lux Veritatis by assuming new identities and being constantly on the move. The Cabal hunted him as part of their mission to eliminate all Lux Veritatis. The LV themselves were after him as a suspected traitor to the Order who played a part in Eckhardt’s escape from his prison pit.

Vasiley became invisible for decades. His daughter, Morgau, was raised in the ways of the Lux Veritatis, but with unique variations based on decades spent as a renegade hiding from both sides of the Shadow Wars. She became a dangerous and powerful individual like her father, with a wild card slew of unique characteristics of her own (insane Harajuku with weapons, Tank Girl or comics’ world Harlequin). At the time of her father’s murder she disappeared, much as Vasiley himself had done decades earlier.


Vasiley knew from bitter experience how dangerous Eckhardt was and set out to prevent him from possessing all five of the Paintings. Vasiley knew what the Paintings contained and about the Black Alchemist’s pact with the Nephilim. If Eckhardt was successful in his maniacal plans no one would be walking away from the nightmare that would be unleashed.

Being a Lux Veritatis  renegade he couldn’t appeal to the Order or break his cover but on hearing about the death of Kurtis’ father he knew it was time to become involved again. Even if it was only for his own survival and that of his daughter. The stakes were too high. Unfortunately he ran out of time and paid the bloody price.

The clues he left behind are intended to lead Von Croy to the fifth Engraving. This contains a coded map showing the location of the fifth Obscura Painting in Prague.  Von Croy, way out of his depth, gets murdered but this involves a new protagonist, Tomb Raider Lara Croft, someone ideally suited to taking on the insane Black Alchemist.

Lara gets framed for Von Croy’s murder and sets off on the grisly trail that will lead to the real killer.