My personal Reaction to Tomb Raider being an Xbox exclusive

Two days ago, a royal shitstorm has hit the internet regarding the (timed) “Xbox One Exclusive” Tomb Raider game, due to be released next year. I, as everyone had a sad reaction at first though I did restrain myself from posting death threats online, since I read the game is due for release in 18 months (that’s a lot of time for things to alter).

Either way even the Xbox One owners (at least the mature/intelligent ones) were disappointed with this decision, as no one wants any fellow fans to be left out (let alone that Tomb Raider always was a simultaneously released multi-platform game, and the exclusivity sounds somewhat strange). It was very nice to read how people stick with each other. Which (how I think) fans should behave towards each other. 

Obviously not every XB1 gamer was sympathetic. The Internet is full of 12-16 years olds who just love to start their console wars. I as a specimen of “the Master PC Race” normally just spectate this puberty war of consoles with a bucket of popcorn and some Pepsi.

But on forums, I read the likes of: “You guys aren’t fans if you won’t buy console for one game, because this is TOMB RAIDERRRR” directed at me and fans with alike thinking ( as in “why buying another console because of ONE game?”).

Well excuse me for breathing, but I’d like to know who gave said people the right to talk about this game, when they are far younger than its 18+ rating.

That’s firstly. Secondly what actually makes a Tomb Raider fan?

I personally learned the English language, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Delphi only because I wanted to become a game designer when I was 16 (inspired by playing Core Design’s Tomb Raider games). I later was making renders with Lara and Kurtis (that was before XNA). And even though I’m now on Media/Journalism/Film career path I still use those skills that I got because of Tomb Raider.

Eventually I even moved country because of this game. I made friends worldwide who visit me every year (even I myself am going to Croatia next week to visit my fellow Tomb Raider fan-friend who I met online in 2007).

Everytime they visit – I take them on a “Tomb Raider Pilgrimage”. Speaking of which… I visited so many places – ex Core design offices in Derby, Lara Croft way, Kedleston Hall and other buildings that were an inspiration for the series.

I managed to meet the actual developers from Crystal Dynamics and some awesome people from Square Enix Europe (and no I won’t be blaming separate people for company’s decisions either). Let alone I was blessed to interview some people from Core Design (hopefully will interview a few more later, more on this soon).

The list can go on and on! Lara Croft indeed changed my life starting from my crazy teenage years where I was even bullied in school for avidly playing a game with a female protagonist.

However, I am indeed terribly sorry that I am not “fanly enough” (or “fan at all”?) to downgrade from my gaming laptop to some console.

This is like telling me to get an Iphone because you can play Tomb Raider I on it even though my Galaxy Note III can emulate any PS1 game with a full gamepad support; BUT HEY YOU MUST GET AN IPHONE COZ IT HAS AN OFFICIAL PORT YOU AINT FAN OTHERWISE!!!! I wonder if you guys got all the games for gameboy (and gameboy itself just to play those Tomb Raider games for it)?

On pictures is me with Rhianna Pratchett, Darrel Galagher, fellow fan Athora on Eurogamer Expo and in Square Enix offices. 





Sincerely, Ash. (not a) tomb raider fan.