Rise of the Tomb Raider sold ONLY A THIRD of sales of Tomb Raider 2013!

ROTTR UK day one sales figures came in and they are far below the forecast.

Xbox exclusive sold only 63k copies. By comparison, TR2013 sold 183k copies across the same 24 hour period. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 sold 480k units. Speaking of Fallout, Sony’s Senior Product Manager Chris Brown weighed into the conversation via Twitter, where he stated that, despite Microsoft’s support, Fallout 4 shipped more units on PlayStation 4. 

Horia Ungureanu from Tech Times says that  “The UK charts generally are a pretty good indicator of how a game will fare, so there is little hope that gamers in other parts of the world will flock to buy Rise of The Tomb Raider instead of Fallout 4.