This one’s from me 🙂 ~Ash

Full confession:

So I’m sat here at Manchester Airport, waiting to depart to Los Angeles.

It feels very surreal. I have been abroad before, but flying somewhere for a Holiday (vacation for you Americans) and being flown to the developers of your favorite franchise are two very different things.  I’ve been thinking about the how far I’ve come as a Tomb Raider fan and as a person.

As a child and later a teenager, I had some rough years… some? No, my entire adolescence was a total nightmare if I’m honest. I first played Tomb Raider when I was lucky enough to receive an old Celeron PC, already quite dated for the time. I was instantly hooked by the game. It was just the escapism I needed. And so I started my journey as a Tomb Raider fan. It was a rough start… READ FURTHER 

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