[DOWNLOAD] Tomb Raider 4 FMV Alexandria model

This May Tomb Raider fans celebrated The Last Revelation, the 4th instalment in the original Tomb Raider game series.

On Saturday I did a stream with Crystal Dynamics covering Alexandria and talking about mythology and giving various developer insights:

As everyone was wrapping up the celebrations we’ve managed to obtain a 3ds max FMV model of Alexandria Courtyard from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation from our anonymous source.

We hope this will be be one of those special gifts for creatives in Tomb Raider fandom <3

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Download here. Please do not re-upload or hotlink to the file. If you are having issues opening the .max scene simply import=> merge this file into any scene.

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There are also some textures present from FMV, like Von Croy’s letter: