The librarian-archivist from hell. Gaunt, intense. A grim, scarred academic whose grotesque fetishist mentality is at odds with his bookish profession. A night lurker and ghoul. A figure straight out of Lovecraft – if not Lovecraft himself. Aka the Illusionist.
Age: indeterminate.

Librarian Honorarium at Prague city archives. Acknowledged world authority on dead language texts, early maps, myth, legend, Renaissance historic manuscripts and generally obscure exotica. Worked in the field for many years as an archaeologist. [Knew Von Croy and suggested him to Eckhardt as a useful way to find the Obscura Paintings.]

For the Cabal he is Archivist extraordinaire. Maintains a grisly waxworks display recording moments of historic importance: executions, plague victims, notorious murderers, notable deaths at the hands of the Cabal. But one has to ask, are they really just waxworks??? Known to have pursued a venomous persecution of the ex-Lux Veritatis Vasiley bloodline.

Archiviste Sinistre of the Vault of Trophies at the Strahov Complex in Prague – a grisly collection of trophies from all Eckhardt’s defeated enemies and the Cabal’s conquests (see waxworks). Research and maintenance of all findings and data world wide of anything of advantage to the Cabal. Catalogues and records all of Eckhardt’s activities in minute detail including construction of bases past and present (including the subterranean base in Cappadocia). (Schofield, 2016).

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