Full Confession

It was 1997, i had just broken free from an abusive and controlling relationship, i felt worthless and destroyed. I couldn’t eat, face people or go to work, i was completely lost. A mutual friend sent TR home to me via a family member with the words ’ tell your sister to play this’. I fired up my PS One and was totally blown away – it was like nothing i had ever played before – Lara encapsulated me – she was so real. I admit I struggled, I’d never played anything in this league before – I’d spent many an hour wired up to a MegaDrive but this was something else.

The puzzles were so good and at times I was stuck for hours.  There was no internet to check for a speedy solution so I just had to figure it out for myself.  It was the best therapy I could have wished for.  From the moment Lara appeared I felt bonded, that I wasn’t alone in the world anymore and I had a friend. 

Every day I would wake and play TR and each day I felt a little bit stronger.  The music was so beautiful it signified a safe place to journey and lose myself. With each puzzle I solved I felt more accomplished, each foe I slayed; represented me taking control over my demons.  By the time the game ended I was in a much better place.

So yeah TR has always been a very personal experience for me.  :D”

Thank you so much for this moving confession.

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