Full confession :

Lara Croft was always my idol, not only did she bonded me with my dad who went away when I was a child. We used to play hours and hours of tomb raider. I was just 4 years old. I was so scared of the wolves in Tomb Raider 1 but it bonded me to my dad so much. He used to make tasks for me in small little messages that he said “just came in the mail from egypt”. I went to the kindergarden as Lara Croft, I was 5 years old. I still have pictures from that but its to embarrassing to show them. I always loved Lara’s personality. Ive seen her as this person who knew everything. She was so smart. She was so strong. She made me love school. I wanted to be good in school because I thought I wanted to be as smart as Lara was and she would want me to be good in school. I bought every game, everything I could find about Lara. My mom even bought me Lara Croft figure. When I was 12 years old I had a bad accident, where my head ended up being broken. I fell 12 meters onto cement. I survived. But I ended up in hospital and later on in a rehabilitation center. I was just 12 year old and alone in a center full of people who were mentally sick. They wouldn’t let me go home. I just cried and cried. Until a friend of my mother has send me a card ( I attached a photo on the card). It was a card with Lara on it and the card wished me well healing and she wrote “ Even Lara doesn’t get every jump right”. This gave me strength. Instead of being sad. I thought of this rehab center as a challenge. What would Lara do? She would took it as a opportunity to learn something. As you can see Lara was and still is a big part in my life. Actually Lara made me become the woman I was always supposed to be. I’m a transgender woman. And Lara was helping me realising it.

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