Full Confession:

The classic Tomb Raider games (and Lara Croft herself) had a huge impact on many aspects of my life throughout the years. It started out as a mere entertainment means when I was just a child, only to grow into something more elaborate as years passed by. It affected me on a personal level more than anyone could ever imagine.Thanks to Core Design and their timeless adventures, I’ve met some of the people I feel close to the most in real life because they happened to share the same passion as me. Tomb Raider brought people together. The emotional attachment that I have towards this saga goes beyond the enjoyment I get from playing these games all over again without getting tired. This saga totally changed me and my life as I was growing up, and during my journey I’ve always found a little piece of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft in everything that I came across. Lara Croft, despite being more of an anti-hero type of character, was my heroine during my childhood. I still remember how I used to mimic her tank-like moves even doing the same sounds she did when falling from a ledge, hitting a wall, or collecting a secret. I wanted to be just like her, she was an inspiration and I never cared of the fact that she wasn’t the kind of person you should look up to. I looked up to her because of her attitude towards her life goals and what she wanted to pursue. She’d never let anyone get in her way and had the guts to overcome almost every kind of difficult situation with a sarcastic grin on her face. THAT was the exact attitude that I’ve always wanted to have in my life, and even if not to that extent, I’ve learned something from her behavior nonetheless. Thanks to her, I don’t trust strangers. Thanks to her, I give confidence only to the people that I’ve come to know, and sometimes it’s hard to earn my respect. Thanks to her,  I can become a real bitch to deal with when provoked. Thanks to her, I’ve learned that sometimes is better not to show off your feelings and some things must be kept unknown, hidden deep inside of you. Thanks to her, I’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes I’m better off alone. And most of all, thanks to her, I’ve learned how important is to never give up, ever. If all that makes both of us ice queens, then HELL YEAH I’m fine with that. If I occasionally become a bit protective in regards of the classics to the point ot defending them at the risk of going overboard, that’s because it’s not just “a videogame”. It meant much more to me, and to my life as a whole.

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