Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Review.


Allow me to share my recently re-emerged favourite.

I’ve been playing Tilted Mill’s “Immortal Cities: Children
of the Nile” quite a few years back and a couple of weeks ago I got myself
addicted to it yet again.

In this game you need to build your own Egyptian city alike
in old Pharaoh/Pharaoh & Cleopatra but in real 3D environment.

Tilted Mill brought in bags of personality for this game,
for example unlike other city-builders there is no actual currency, instead the
barter system is used. The player is also limited with the amount of Priests and
other high-class employees; you can only get more if you’re “prestigious”
enough so make sure to build all those monuments and a tomb of yourself!

Tilted Mill also released an add-on game called “Alexandria”,
which adds a special campaign, the Great Library and the Lighthouse.

If you like city-building games and Ancient Egypt get this
game off Steam or GOG. It’s really worth it.

Screenshots are my own 🙂