Kurtis Trent Spin-off Game levels, maps and events list

We’ve received a number of documents on the abandoned Kurtis Trent spin-off game, a prequel to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. These were sent to us anonymously. This particular anonymous contributor has sent a number of screenshots and documents to us in the past and they were eventually verified by members of the Core Design team. As such, we have no doubts about the authenticity of these documents.




Level 01  – Stage 01 – Asylum


Event 01  –     Kurtis stands outside the entrance to the building.

Emergency vehicles block any other exits.

Enter building.

Event 02 –      Explore Foyer.

Use telekinesis to move barricade blocking exit.

Event 03 –      Explore Corridor.

Corridor is in deep shadow. Pools of illumination come from malfunctioning strip lamps.

Use night vision to scan for danger/pickups.

Event 04 –     Explore Ward 1.

Booby trap – Body collapses from behind cubicle curtain.

Event 05 –      Explore Ward 2.

Use night vision to scan for danger/pickups.

Event 06 –      Explore Admin room.

Computer displays records of Lucifer child.

Event 07 –      Store room. (Entrance door is ajar).

Fight enemy.

Event 08 –      Laboratory.

Fight enemies.

Event 09 –      Locate the Professor in the Office.

Cut scene – Professor gives Kurtis information on Lucifer child.

Event 10 –      Follow Professor to the Lift.

He unlocks it. Door opens. Kurtis enters.

Level 01  – Stage 02 – Asylum


Event 01 –      Exit lift. Lift is now switched off.

Explore Corridor.

Corridor is in deep shadow. Pools of illumination come from malfunctioning strip lamps.

Use Night Vision to scan for danger/pickups.

Event 02 –      Enter Morgue room.

Lucifer child is waiting. Raises the dead from cold storage containers.

Cut scene – Lucifer child escapes.

Kurtis fights the living dead.

Exit Morgue room by locating the ventilation shaft.

Cut scene – Kurtis climbs through and drops out of the other end.

Event 03 –      Explore the Basement.

Lucifer child has placed paranormal traps in here.

Avoid them and exit the room.

Event 04 –      Climb the stairs.

Booby trap – Lucifer child throws a heavy metal locker down the stairs.

Event 05 –      Explore Corridor.

Corridor is in deep shadow. Pools of illumination come from malfunctioning strip lamps.

Use Night Vision to scan for danger/pickups.

Barricade stops Kurtis from reaching the lift at the corridor end.

Event 06 –      Explore Ward 1.

Avoid paranormal traps.

Event 07 –      Explore Ward 2.

Avoid paranormal traps.

Fight enemy.

Event 08 –      Fight enemy.

Enter lift.

Event09 –       Lift breaks down half way up the lift shaft.

Kurtis climbs out and uses service ladders to continue upwards.

Event10 –       Climb stairs to roof.

Explore roof. Locate Lucifer child.

Cut scene – Lucifer child escapes. Cops have Kurtis surrounded.

He escapes down the fire escapes.

Level 01  – Stage 03 – Asylum


Event 01 –      Climb down the ladders.

Event 02 –      Run along the fire escape walkways.

Event 03 –      Cops look out of windows. Avoid them.

Event 04 –      Hit switch to lower fire escape stairs.

Event 05 –      Fight the enemies patrolling the walkways.

Event 06 –      Avoid the helicopter searchlights that sweep the area.

Being spotted results in gunfire from the helicopter.

End of Level 01.

Level 02  – Stage 01 – Triad Stronghold


Event 01 –     Kurtis is manning a machine gun mounted in the back of his pickup truck.

The truck is speeding down a street.

Event 02 –      Shoot the barricades that block the trucks path. They will explode.

Event 03 –      Shoot the enemy gunmen sheltering from behind the parked cars.

Cars will explode.

Event 04 –      Shoot he enemy gunmen sheltering in the doorways.

Event 05 –      Enemy car drives out of junction and blocks the road.

Enemies jump out and start shooting.

Shoot back and car explodes.

Event 06 –      Camera turns 180 degrees to face the rear of the truck.

Shoot the enemy car/truck chasing Kurtis’ pickup.

Chase car explodes.

Camera turns 180 degrees to face front of the truck.

Event 07 –      Shoot the roadblock in front of the Triad stronghold.

It will explode.

Event 08 –      Cut scene – Interior of stronghold.

Kurtis’ pickup truck crashes through the entrance doors.

Enemies jump for cover.

Event 09 –      Kurtis shoots the enemies in the room with the trucks machine gun.

Level 02  – Stage 02 – Triad Stronghold


Event 01 –      Cut scene – Kurtis tells Professor to stay with the truck.

Event 02 –      Explore Reception.

Event 03 –      Explore Store room.

Event 04 –      Fight enemies in Security room.

Use the computer to unlock Shrine and Armoury doors.

Event 05 –      Explore Armoury.

Pickup machine gun and grenades.

Event 06 –      Fight enemies in Shrine room.

Use telekenisis to move the statue and break down the door to the Gallery.

Event 07 –      Avoid the machine guns hidden behind paintings.

Avoid the paranormal traps.

Even 08 –       Oriental garden illuminated by paper lanterns.

They suddenly switch off  and snipers on the rooftops open fire.

Use night vision to spot them and shoot back.

Event 09 –     Explore Office.

Event 10 –      Triad boss (Lucifer) boarding a helicopter.

He is holding a cat.

Enemies defend the helicopter.

Shoot the enemies and the blow up the helicopter.

Event 11 –      Cut scene – Helicopter crashes. Kurtis walks away.

Out of wreckage walks the cat (Lucifer).

End of Level 02.

Level 03  – Stage 01 – Gothic Mansion


Event 01 –     Kurtis is on the balcony.

Enters through the open glass doors.

Event 02 –      Guard patrolling the landing.

Use telekenisis to push over a statue and distract the guard.

The statue rolls down the stairs and the guard follows.

Event 03 –      Security doors triggered when Kurtis treads on pressure pad.

Corridors 1 and 2 inaccessible.

Fight guard.

Door to Security room locked.

Door to Ballroom open.

Event 04 –      Run through the Ballroom.

Shoot the guards positioned around the room.

Event 05 –      Corridor 1.

Kurtis can see through a large window.

He can see the Observatory and the Cable car building.

Exit from Corridor 1 is blocked by a security door.

Return to Ballroom.

Event 06 –      Guards waiting in the Foyer.

Shoot the guards.

Door to Security room now open.

Event 07 –      Shoot guard.

Shoot sprinkler system and water system starts.

Computer banks short circuit and raise the security doors.

Event  08 –     Corridor 2 now accessible.

Half way down the security computer comes online and reactivates the security system.

A speaker announcement makes Kurtis aware of this.

Kurtis surrounded by invisible laser trip wires.

Hit one and it becomes visible for a second and lowers Kurtis’ energy.

Use night vision to spot them.

Event 09 –      The Library is patrolled by guards.

One has the door code to the observatory tunnel.

Locate this guard and read his mind.

Use x-ray vision to see through the book cases and spot the


Event 10 –      Switch on the Observatory telescope.

The motor turns the structure and opens the roof.

Climb up the walkways and outside onto the inspection platform.

Fight guards.

Jump off platform onto the roof of the Cable car building.

Event 11-       Use telekinesis to start the cable car winch motor.

As a cable car exits the building, jump Kurtis on top.

Level 03  – Stage 02 – Gothic Mansion


Event 01 –      Ride the cable car up to the mountain holiday lodge.

Booby trap – The cable car is attacked by a helicopter.

If Kurtis has jumped down inside the car he will be blown up.

If Kurtis is standing on the roof he will survive the explosion.

Event 02 –      Cut scene – Kurtis locks his telekinesis power onto the cable car and powers it through the cable car bay, smashing it into the Reception room.

Event 03 –      Guards rush in from the Bedroom and Study.

Fight them.

Event 04 –      Use x-ray vision to see inside the massive metal security door and pick the lock mechanism. (Puzzle).

Event 05 –      Guards waiting behind overturned furniture in the Open plan living room.

Fight them.

Event 06 –      Smash through the sliding glass window and run along the exterior balcony.

Shoot guards.

Event 07 –     Cut scene – Dr Phil Yates (Lucifer) transfers to the airforce Colonel.

Event 08 –      Use telekinesis to smash through the bullet proof glass window.

Event 09 –      Shoot the guards in the Conference room.

Protected by his men, the airforce Colonel (Lucifer) escapes to a waiting helicopter.

Event  10 –     Cut scene – Kurtis follows them outside. The Colonels bodyguard fires a rocket grenade.

Kurtis is blown off the landing pad and falls down the cliff face.

His levitation powers kick in and he survives the fall.

End of Level 03.


Level 04  – Stage 01 – Military Base


Event 01 –     Kurtis stands outside a compound.

An electric security fence blocks his path.

A perimeter guard patrols up and down, passing out of sight for a few moments before returning.

If the guard spots Kurtis he shoots and the game is over.

Kurtis uses telekenisis to lift crates on top of one another then jumps over the electrified fence.

Event 02 –      The hanger is heavily defended. Direct attack will fail.

If the guards spot you the alarm is sounded and the hanger blast doors close tight.

Kurtis will be left to fight a never ending stream of armed guards until he is killed.

Event 03 –      Use Kurtis’ telekinesis power and rotate the fighter jet until it is facing the fuel tanker.

Fire the jets missiles at the tanker. The explosion will draw the guards away from the hanger.

Event 04 –      Kurtis has a few seconds to run inside the hanger before the blast doors close.

Event 05 –      The floor of the hanger is full of guards. Direct attack will fail.

Use the suspended crates hanging from the hanger ceiling.

Lock onto a crate with the telekinesis power.

Raise, lower and maneuver it into position then jump on and ride to the nearest crate.

Repeat this until Kurtis is above the exit door.

Event 06 –      Cut scene – Kurtis looks through the ventilation shaft and sees the airforce Colonel supervising the loading of a nuclear missile.

He breaks through and jumps down into the room.

The Colonel (Lucifer) orders the guards to shoot Kurtis.

Event 07 –      Fight the guards.

Event 08 –      Fight the Colonel (Lucifer).

The lift platform starts to move down into the base.

Event 09 –      Cut scene – The Colonel (Lucifer) smashes the break motor and the lift hurtles downwards.

They are left fighting in mid-air, using levitation powers to control their descent.

The Colonel (Lucifer) wins the fight and Kurtis falls, crashing down into the burning wreckage at the bottom of the lift shaft.

Fade to black.

End of Level 04.

Level 05  – Stage 01 – Abandoned Mine Complex


Event 01 –     Kurtis starts inside the entrance to the mine.

Event 02 –      Using a combination of levitation powers and ladders Kurtis descends down into the mine.

Use night vision to see where you are going.

Event 03 –      Locate the electric generator and switch it on.

Now the mine is illuminated.

Event 04 –      Using a combination of levitation powers and ladders Kurtis descends down into the mine.

Event 05 –      Explore the tunnels.

Fight the enemies.

Event 06 –      Kurtis uses levitation to reach this cavern.

Cut scene – The Professor appears and tells Kurtis he is in a dream state.

Must find and rescue his mother and the baby Kurtis before the hit squad assassinate them.

Event 07 –      Blocked by wreckage.

Go to Event 08.

Event 08 –      Start the mine cart by pulling the brake lever.

Jump on a wagon and it will crash through the wreckage in Event 07.

Event 09 –      Explore the cavern.

Electric generator dies. Lights flicker then go out.

Use night vision to see obstacles and pick ups.

Event 10 –      Explore tunnels.

Use night vision to see obstacles, pick ups and enemies.

Event 11 –      Huge water wheel under waterfall.

Jump onto wheel and it will carry Kurtis through the waterfall.

Jump off onto dry land.

Explore hidden tunnel on other side of the water fall.

Event 12 –      Tunnel illuminated by diamonds embedded in the rock walls.

Event 13 –      Enter diamond cavern.

Cut scene – Kurtis’ mother is on a river raft with the baby.

The hit squad have her pinned down and she has run out of ammunition.

The killers break cover and advance in the open.

Event 14 –     Kurtis fights the hit squad.

Event 15 –      Cut scene – Kurtis mother gets the outboard motor running and the raft escapes leaving Kurtis alone in the cavern.

Fade to black.

Level 05  – Stage 02 – Jungle Camp


Event 01 –      Kurtis makes his way through a maze of crates.

Soldiers patrol the maze.

Use x-ray vision to spot them.

Use x-ray vision to spot pick ups inside the crates.

Event 02 –      Cut scene – The Professor appears and tells Kurtis that he is reliving an episode of his military past.

Event 03 –      Kurtis fights the tanks hidden in the jungle camp.

He must use his ancestral strength to destroy them.

Destroy the four radars. This slows down the tanks reactions and rate of fire.

Event 04 –     Cut scene – Two helicopters fly in and drop off friendly reinforcements.

Event 05 –      Reinforcements move forward into the camp and supply covering fire while Kurtis fights tanks.

Push them into fuel/ammo dumps to blow them up.

Event 06 –      Kurtis enters the command hut and destroys the radar equipment inside.

Shoot the enemy soldiers.

Event 07 –      Cut scene – Kurtis stands outside the command hut.

Helicopters fly in and pick up the troops.

Fade to black.

End of Level 05.

Level 06  – Stage 01 – POW Camp


Event 01 –     Kurtis is inside a POW camp.

Cut scene – The Professor appears and tells Kurtis that he is reliving an episode from his mercenary past.

He must rescue a prisoner.

Event 02 –      He must shape steal a Corporals body (one star) to gain access to the HQ building.

Event 03 –      He must shape steal a Lieutenants body (two stars) to gain access to the Colonels office.

Event 04 –      He must shape steal the Colonels body (three stars) to gain access to the prisoners cell.

Event 05 –      In the prisoners cell.

Cut scene – Kurtis transforms back into his own shape.

The prisoner follows Kurtis automatically.

Protect the prisoner.

Event 06 –      Make your way through the camp.

Avoid contact with the guards.

Shape steal a guards body if you need to pass other guards with the prisoner. They will not challenge you if you look like them.

Event 07 –      Locate the generator powering the electric fence and search lights.

Blow it up.

Event 08 –      With the power turned off make a dash across the dead ground to the fence.

Cut scene – Kurtis and the prisoner climb over the fence.

Event 09 –      Use x-ray vision to detect where the mines are placed.

Event 10 –      Cut scene – Kurtis and the prisoner take cover in the jungle and are rescued by a helicopter.

Level 06  – Stage 02 – Assassination


Event 01 –     Kurtis and the President get out of a car.

Suddenly the cavalcade of cars comes under fire.

Lead car and tail car explode. Convoy is trapped.

Event 02 –      Professor appears and tells Kurtis that this is an episode from his body guard experiences.

He must protect the President with a bubble shield and take him to his office.

Event 03 –      Cover the President with a bubble shield.

Shoot the asssasins.

Enter the capital building.

Event 04 –      Ambush in Reception.

Shield President.

Use telekinesis to bounce bullets back at the assasins.

Event 05 –      In theLounge the door to the Presidents office is locked.

It is a Booby trap and can not be opened.

While the player is trying to open it and shield the President, more and more assassins are entering the room.

X-ray the lock and this is confirmed by a message.

Cut-scene – President says that there is a secret tunnel into his office.

Event 05 –      Locate the Tunnel leading to the Presidents office.

Protect the President with the bubble shield.

Event 06 –      In the Store room.

Use the x-ray vision to locate the secret door to the Tunnel.

Event 07 –      In the Presidents office, kill all the assassins waiting for the President.

Fade to black.

End of Level 06.

Level 07  – Stage 01 – Return to the Military Base


Event 01 –      Cut scene – The Colonel (Lucifer) tells Kurtis his plans to fire the nuclear missiles.

He bids Kurtis farewell, and leaves him chained up in a cell.

Event 02 –     Kurtis is wrapped in chains.

Use ancestral strength to break them.

Smash down the cell door and escape.

Event 03 –      Kurtis enters the hanger.

Cut scene – Colonel (Lucifer) sees Kurtis and raises the alarm.

Colonel (Lucifer) runs for the missile train while the massive blast doors close behind him.

Fight the soldiers.

Event 04 –      Locate the ventilation shaft and smash through.

Event 05 –      In the Missile launch silo.

Fight the soldiers.

Exit through a service shaft.

Event 06 –      The Corridor.

Doors to the Control room and the Missile store are locked.

Door to Store room is open.

Event 07 –      Explore Store room.

Locate the ventilation shaft and smash through.

Event 08 –      In the Control room, get the code to the Missile store from the computer.

Exit through the door into the Corridor.

Event 09 –      Enter the Missile store.

Switch on the machinery and a missile slung from a roof joist moves along tracks out into the corridor.

It turns and heads for the closed blast door leading to the Loading platform.

Event 10 –      Cut scene – The Colonel (Lucifer) is supervising the loading of the missile train.

On the opposite side of the blast door the missile hits the steel obstruction and explodes.

Out of the fire and destruction walks Kurtis.

The Colonel (Lucifer) picks himself up and orders the soldiers to kill Kurtis.

He climbs on the missile train and it starts to roll out of the hanger.

Event 11 –      Kurtis fights the soldiers.

He jumps onto the last wagon as it rolls past.

Level 07  – Stage 02 – Missile Train


Event 01 –      Kurtis fights the soldiers on top of the missile train.

Event 02 –      Blow up the gun turrets that rotate back and forth.

Event 03 –      Avoid the missile launchers that pop up and fire.

Event 04 –      Jump the flame throwers that block Kurtis’ path.

Event 05 –      Destroy the helicopter before it can take off and attack Kurtis.

Event 06 –      Disarm the nuclear missile silo wagons by smashing the radar unit on top of each wagon.

Event 07 –      Enter the Command car and locate the Colonel (Lucifer).

Event 08 –      Cut scene – Lucifer transforms into his true demonic form and grabs a couple of warheads.

He spreads his wings and blasts off into the sky.

Kurtis transforms himself into a winged avenger and launches up after the demon.

End of Level 07.

Level 08  – Stage 01 – Arial Combat


Event 01 –     Kurtis flies over the city.

Home in on Lucifer and fight him.

Event 02 –      Avoid STINGER misiles launched from the tops of skyscrapers.

Event 03 –      Avoid helicopter gunship attacks.

Event 04 –      Avoid 747 airliners that pass over the city.

Event 05 –      Fight Lucifer.

Lucifer will fire at the 747 airliners to distract Kurtis.

Kurtis can do one of the following.

1.    Chase Lucifer’s missiles and stop them hitting the airliner.

(This means Kurtis loses track of Lucifer but absorbs the missiles energy and becomes more powerful).

2.    Let the airliner be destroyed and keep fighting Lucifer.

Event 06 –      Kurtis weakens Lucifer who decides to detonate the nuclear warheads.

Cut scene – Kurtis throws a massive bubble shield around Lucifer and the warheads explode inside, containing the blast and killing Lucifer.

Kurtis is drained by this final act and falls from the sky.

He survives to return in TR Next Gen (minus his paranormal powers).

End of Level 08.

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