Kurtis Trent Spin-off Game Synopsis

We’ve received a number of documents on the abandoned Kurtis Trent spin-off game, a prequel to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. These were sent to us anonymously. This particular anonymous contributor has sent a number of screenshots and documents to us in the past and they were eventually verified by members of the Core Design team. As such, we have no doubts about the authenticity of these documents. 


(Kurtis Trent render by Tomb of Ash)


Kurtis Trent is a man with a troubled past.

A paranormal ability to control the physical world has left him an outcast, misunderstood and friendless in a world that is governed by the laws of science and reason.

Drifting from city to city he is befriended by Professor Edward Francis, an eccentric expert in the field of paranormal and occult sciences.

The professor encourages Kurtis to master his strange and dangerous powers, and during this time the Professor and Kurtis are embroiled in many paranormal adventures.

Heir to a massive fortune, the Professor uses the money to fund his research into the paranormal.

Based at the city’s crumbling mental asylum, the Professor studies and helps patients suffering from severe forms of occult and paranormal conditions.

The Professor is an outcast in the scientific community, referring to demons as, ‘life forms – entities no different to any virus on the planet’.

It is here that Kurtis is summoned one night. The Professor has hit the alarm button and Kurtis rushes to the city asylum.

On entering the building Kurtis instantly sees that something terrible has happened.

The place is a wreck – dead bodies litter the floor and everything not nailed down has been thrown across the room as if a tornado just passed through.

Kurtis runs to the Professor’s laboratory and finds him bruised but otherwise unhurt.

He learns that a patient of the Professor’s, (a twelve year old boy called Lucifer Roth), was undergoing tests when all of a sudden the monitoring equipment went off the scale.

The boy became uncontrollably violent, snapping his restraints and escaping to go on a rampage of destruction through the whole institute.

Kurtis pursues the boy through the devastation of the asylum but he escapes and disappears into the night.

They follow in Kurtis’ ancient pickup truck, a 50’s Chevy heavily modified for demon hunting. It bristles with paranormal scanners, bull bars and the optional extras that never make it into the sales brochure – items like the M60 machine gun, demon cryo-freeze unit and armour plated cab.

From the truck radio they learn that Lucifer has been apprehended after a ferocious street battle with the police and is being held in a secure unit at Police Precinct 9.

Police Precinct 9 – Kurtis and the Professor walk towards the boy’s cell.

They come to a halt as guards pass by, the heavy figure of Colonel Boris Malcochek, (a notorious Russian gangster boss) striding along between them.

Kurtis’ sixth sense goes wild as the gangster pushes past but he shrugs it off and hurries after the Professor who by now is standing over the lifeless body of Lucifer Roth.

The Professor scans the corpse – “Shit! The demons transferred! But where could it go?!”

Kurtis grabs the Professor and runs after the Colonel, cursing his lack of premonition – the thing jumped all right – straight into cities most powerful criminal!

But Kurtis’ troubles double when he uncovers a plot to supply a deadly nano-technology weapon to a rogue nation state – a plot that reaches from the city’s underworld to the heart of a hi-tech mega-corporation.

And possessing the form of the Colonel places the Demon at the heart of this plot – a plot it now wants to turn to it’s own ends.

As the action unfolds the Demon always keeps one step ahead of Kurtis, transferring from host to host before coming to rest in the body of Kurtis’ arch adversary, Major Jean Rochelle.

The Major is a ruthless character from Kurtis’ military past and now runs the terror group organizing the shipping of the nano-virus out of the country.

As the eleventh hour closes Kurtis and the Demon claw at one another with paranormal weaponry, but the Demon is the stronger of the two and smashes Kurtis down, sending him spinning into a series of mind games that will unlock the hidden powers he needs if he is ever going to stop the Demon from unleashing the lethal nano-virus into the world!


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