Kurtis Trent’s Biography

A few Murti Schofield’s (lead narrative designer for the Angel of Darkness) drafts for the AOD story appeared online. All Kurtis Trent facts are collected below

KURTIS TRENT ex-legionnaire and freelance agent. Raised as a Lux Veritatis initiate but
rejected the role prepared for him by changing his family name and joining the Legion.
Took on the Lux Veritatis mantle when his father Konstantin Heissturm was hunted down and killed.


KURTIS TRENT (neé Heissturm)

Birth date: 26/06/72

Birth place: Utah Salt Flats.
Father Konstantin Heissturm
Mother Marie Cornel
Blood type: Brh+
Favourite transport: Classic Brough Superior SS 100. Porsche Spyder**.
Preferred weapons: Fists. Chirugai.
Profession: Freelance security work. Mercenary.
Favourite music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Mozart, Sun Ra.
Eye colour: Blue-grey.
Hair colour: Dark brown.
Hobbies: Any extreme sports. Building Grinnall Scorpions from
scratch. Flying helicopters.
Extra details: Kurtis holds helicopter and aircraft pilot licences.

**Points of information:

  1. The Brough Superior SS 100 was the bike Lawrence of Arabia was killed on in 1935.
  2. The Porsche Spyder was the car James Dean died in in 1955.


  • 1972 – KURTIS BORN 26/06/72 – Utah Salt Flats, USA. Father, Konstantin Heissturm, a Lux Veritatis adept, and Marie Cornel a uniquely gifted expert in Native American history and the shamanistic warrior.
  • Konstatin has to keep his wife and newborn son safe from the forces of Eckhardt, a Black Alchemist. A secret ‘Shadow War’ has raged between Lux Veritatis forces and Eckhardt for decades and the Black Alchemist seems to be winning. Konstantin keeps his family on the move between LV safe houses in the States and secret strongholds in Europe.


                                                                                 Konstantin Heissturm

  • 1975 – Kurtis, 3 years old, is being trained as a Lux Veritatis initiate. The ancient order is being ruthlessly eliminated by Eckhardt backed by the Cabal, a sinister group dedicated to supporting Eckhardt’s aims.
  • 1988 – Kurtis, age16, undergoes the most intense stages of his Lux Veritatis initiation. Only six Lux Veritatis Adepts, apart from his father, survive. Konstantin is frequently absent on covert assignments.
  • 1991 – At age 19 Kurtis, sickened by the carnage of the ‘Shadow War’, rebels. He disappears and joins the Foreign Legion changing his name to Trent. At this stage only three of Lux Veritatis Adepts survive. His father is missing.
  • Kurtis tries to stay hidden within the Legion, but is constantly assaulted by bizarre events linked to the occult. Gets nicknamed ‘Demon Hunter’ within the Legion.


  • 1996 – Kurtis leaves the Legion. He begins freelancing with a variety of mercenary and semi legal agencies. He hears from his father but never sees him alive again.
  • 2001 – Konstantin, is murdered by Eckhardt. This is Kurtis’ wake up call. He receives two talismanic items, the Periapt Shards, and goes after Eckhardt on a vengeance mission. Kurtis also inherits a Lux Veritatis Blade, the terrifying Chirugai, forged generations ago from meteorite alloy.
  • 2002 – Kurtis crosses paths with Lara Croft in Paris and they team up in Prague to combat the Cabal and Eckhardt.


**Please note that Konstantin’s render is my own work and is by no means associated with the original game.