Little Tomb Raiding Monster!

Right this is not totally Tomb Raider related, but a few years ago (2009 if to be precise) I got an email from Kyo San, where he asked my permission to use my goofy Dancing Lara animation in his music video. That’s how I was introduced to Lady Gaga’s music (yep, it was the first time I ever heard her song!). 

Few years later, well… this happened:


I just felt like I needed to wear Tomb Raider tshirt that day! In fact I even had  this bag with me too. 

Sorry to go all personal but this was one hell of the day, when I wore a tshirt of the game that changed my life to meet the artist who largely influence my own creativity, and whose songs cheer me up when I feel down! 

Here’s that music video by Kyo San <3