Manchester Pokédilly Gardens

Welcome to Manchester
Piccadilly Gardens – the Pokémecca of Northern England. Located in the heart of
Manchester, this place has benefits for every Pokémon Go enthusiast – not least
its many Pokéstops that are located in close proximity to each other. The
Pokémon portals here used to be a feature of Ingres – a previous mobile game by
Niantic – but these features have now been converted into Pokéstops.

If you visit
Piccadilly gardens after 10 AM, you are guaranteed a plethora of Pokémon
because nearly every Pokéstop in the area is constantly enhanced with a Lure
module, thus attracting extra Pokémon. On top of the high concentration of
Pokéstops, this makes it even easier to catch many Pokémon in a relatively
short period of time.

The place is super
popular with every Pokémon Go player in the area, so you stand a good chance of
being able to make some new friends.

Obviously, not every
person there is a Pokémon Go enthusiast, but you are guaranteed to hear
familiar music and sound effects, and see people swiping their phones. Just be
sure to check they aren’t swiping to the left/right; those are Tinder users –
another app where you need to swipe to catch monsters [© AJ]! 

Go on then – go out
and catch them all!

Special Thanks:

Jennifer Milward