MontyTRC Introduces Tomb Editor

ITALY based Tomb Raider fan MontyTRC is working on a brand new Level Editor for the classic Tomb Raider games.

According to MontyTRC, Tomb Editor currently has:

  • 3D geometry manipulation like in classic TRLE
  • Mouse camera control
  • Texturing with support of 256×256 texture tiles, resizable tiles, triangle selection
  • Portals creation with toggle opacity 1 & 2
  • Moveables placing, moving, rotating
  • Static meshes placing, moving, rotating
  • WAD loading
  • Box, monkey, death, climb, etc
  • 2D Map
  • 2D grid of current room (with portal navigation and rendering of special sectors)
  • Horizon rendering if the WAD contains the horizon object
  • Transparent textures
  • Double sided textures
  • Invisible polygons

With these features coming soon:

  • Triggers
  • Floordata, boxes, overlaps and zones generation
  • TR4 Level compiling.

If you’re into level editing you can grab a beta version of the editor from this thread on aspidetr.

Also make sure to visit an official website for Tomb Editor.

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