Reboot InfoGamer 2016

Reboot InfoGamer 2016 is the fifth annual edition of the rapidly expanding games show, that is once again breaking records as one of the truly biggest in Europe. The six-day show (Nov 8th – Nov 13th) took place at the Zagreb Fair convention grounds at an even bigger Expo area with a focus on the newest and upcoming video games, hardware, gaming merchandise, eSports and analogue games.


The day we arrived was extremely rainy, but it didn’t stop gamers to attend Reboot InfoGamer. From young children to senior citizens, the venue was packed. The VR stands were the most popular ones and queues required a lot of patience.

As true Tomb Raider fans, our first mission was to find any Tomb Raider stands. Last year one of the biggest stands (if not the biggest one) was for Rise of the Tomb Raider, promoted by Microsoft. This year it was Sony’s turn to promote ROTTR, but being a year old game it had a more modest stand. You could experience ROTTR on PS4 in all of its 4K glory.  


We managed to try out

John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye VR and being my first VR, it blew my mind. The controls were smooth and the gameplay was fun. You can move around in the game (at the beginning you’re required to walk in a lift) and you can even crouch/crouch walk to avoid getting hit or hide behind barriers. Along with the John Wick Chronicles VR, there was another extremely popular VR game made by the Croteam, the Serious Sam VR. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try it out, but judging from the comments, it kicked ass in the usual Serious Sam way. As watching someone play VR can be quite dull, the Croteam made the experience enjoyable for everyone as they projected the entire area around the player with greenscreen on a huge screen so everyone in the audience could see what the player was seeing and even more.  


We have also tried out few indie games which we are sure will do well in the future.  

After that, we headed over to the retro part of the Expo in hope to find some classic Tomb Raider games, but sadly there were none. It was still great to play classics such as Super Mario on the NES and Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Megadrive, but this was a real missed opportunity for celebrating Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary. We hope that in the following years they will bring Tomb Raider to the retro area of the Reboot InfoGamer.


Overall Reboot InfoGamer is a great gaming Expo with few minor issues due to it being relatively new and still catching up with big Expos such as EGX, Gamescom,

Paris Games Week, etc.  

You can find more photos from the event HERE