I’ve been a fan of Shelley Blond, the original voice of Lara Croft, since January or February of 1997, when I first fired up Tomb Raider 1 on my Windows 95 PC and heard her tell Jacqueline Natla that she wasn’t in it for the money. Today my friends and fellow TR webmasters Ash and Lori had the pleasure of meeting Shelley in person. (More about that awesomeness on Tomb of Ash.) She graciously signed this autograph, which I will treasure always. Many thanks to Ash for thinking of me when he could have been lying on the floor in a puddle of fangirl jelly. (You know that’s what I would have done.)

You’re welcome Stella! If you ever in the UK let me know and I’ll arange ‘meet n greet!’ 😀