The Fortress

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A fortress. High detail environments. Ten hours game play time. Environments compact and exciting, interactive.

What do you do?

  1. Platform arcade jumping.
  2. Evasion of enemies.
  3. Simple puzzle solving.
  4. Escape.
  5. Exploration.
  6. Combat (Direct attack).

Long range  – Gun and arrow.

Close range – Hand to hand and knife.

7.    Combat (Sneak attack).

Close range – Break neck, choke, knife and hand to hand fighting.

8.    Paranormal powers.

Sixth sense, control of rats and ravens, x-ray vision, telekinesis.


Fully interactive. Glass smashes, walls marked by bomb blasts and bullet impacts.

Game world.

A fortress.

Possible game beginnings.

Idea 1.

Kurtis fights in a prize fight. Wins. Kidnapped and wakes up in cell alone with no weapons. Game starts.

Idea 2.

Kurtis and a fellow prisoner are in a cell.

They break out of the cell and have to get out of the prison.

This prisoner will instruct Kurtis during level 01 and introduce the player to the moves and features of the character. The prisoner dies at the end of the level and Kurtis must continue alone.

Idea 3.

Kurtis has to fight in the prison arena.

He wins/loses and is thrown back in his cell.

He must escape from the cell and get out of the prison.

How does the game start?

1. Kurtis and fellow prisoner in a cell.
2. Attract guards attention by the following means:

  • Set fire to bed with      lantern.
  • Fight fellow prisoner.
  • Wait ten minutes for      food to be delivered.

3. Guard enters the cell.     Kill him. The prisoner tells you to put on the guards uniform. When you     have put on the uniform the prisoner will follow you automatically out of     the cell. He will be your guide/trainer.

Note: If you do not steal his uniform the camera outside the cell warns more guards who will beat you up and throw you back in the cell.

Note : Key to the exit door is in the uniform. You cannot open the door without wearing the uniform.

4. Leave the cell with the     prisoner and use the key found in the guards uniform to open the exit door     leading out of the cell block and into the prison.

The first level of the game will teach the player what Kurtis can do in the game.

What rooms are in the prison?

  1. Cells.
  2. Eating area.
  3. Guard room.
  4. Armoury.
  5. Wash room.
  6. Surveillance room.
  7. Guard room.
  8. Lifts, stairways,      balconies, light wells/vent shafts, corridors and gates.
  9. High security cells.
  10. Medical room.


In the cells are other prisoners. Why should Kurtis release them?

1.    Prisoners will home in on the guards and attack them.

2.    Prisoners will run into areas and set off alarms that attract guards.

3.    Weight of prisoners bodies may be useful in some puzzles.

4.    Cannon fodder. They sacrifice themselves in rooms with lethal traps allowing Kurtis to pass safely through the room afterwards.

Kurtis Trent – Weapons.

  1. Chain hanging from wrist     manacle. Use as a whip, bend steel bars, death slide move, choke guards.
  2. Knife.
  3. Iron bar.
  4. 4.   Found objects – Eg: fire extinguisher.


Kurtis Trent  – Paranormal powers.

1. Sixth sense

Icon turns red when guards are in the vicinity.

The game pad vibrates in time to the guards footsteps. This vibration lessens or increases with the guards proximity to Kurtis.

2. Control of rats and ravens.

Limited to small creatures. Use them as roving spy cameras or to chew/peck at a supporting rope or power cable.

3. X-ray vision.

See inside small objects like crates and locks. Look through to the other side of a door to see what is barring it.

4. Telekinesis.

Move small objects with mind control.


Armed with electrified batons, net guns and tranquillizer dart guns.

One dart will make Kurtis move more slowly while two dart hits will knock him out.

Repeated blows from the electric baton will stun Kurtis and knock him out.

Being captured with a net results in Kurtis unable to move and the guards beat him into unconsciousness.

When Kurtis is knocked out he is taken to a room somewhere in the current level.

This room can be :   Cells.

High security rooms.


Operating theatres.

Tower cells.

Guards will home in on kurtis using sound detection and line of sight.

After Kurtis has been recaptured.

When Kurtis is captured and locked up again, the room he finds himself in will have a set piece puzzle to be solved before Kurtis can escape again.

IDEA : In level 02 – Hospital, Kurtis has a tracker bug implanted in his body. The aim is to find the room where it can be removed.

Game map.

The player can call up a map of the fortress.

The unexplored areas are low-lighted while the explored areas are high-lighted.

Security devices and how to beat them.

Camera – Avoid line of sight.

Trip wires – Jump over.

Pressure pads – Step around/jump over.

Laser trip wire – Smash power box, jump over, rat chews power cable.

Sonic detectors – Move slowly (quietly). (A test set by the bad guys).

Temperature detectors – Avoid temperature camera line of sight or put on a thermal suit. Use a fire extinguisher to cool the room with chemical smoke. (A test set by the bad guys).

Nets drop from ceiling – Roll sideways. Escape uses energy to break net.

Tranquillizer auto gun – Run/jump/roll.

Gas filled room – Time based puzzle. Hold breath while working out the door lock

puzzle. Breath indicator appears and drops as time passes. (A test set by the bad guys).

Electric floor – Put on rubber boots. Smash power box. Rat chews power cable.

Why not just fight all the guards?

If the guard isn’t killed in two seconds, reinforcements appear and Kurtis is overwhelmed.

Door types.

1. Time release door.

If Kurtis tries to open this door a clock icon appears over it and starts counting down.

Kurtis must hang around until the time is up and the open light comes on.

He must avoid the guards while he is waiting.

The time doors lead to good things and are worth the wait.

Bonus rooms, pick ups and extended level maps are behind these doors.

2. Sliding bar door.

A metal bar slides into place and locks the door.

3. Wooden block.

A wooden block is dropped in place to jam the door.

4. Chair jammed behind     door.

5. Key lock door.

Use the key to open the door.

NOTE : When Kurtis has passed through a door he can lock it to stop guards following.

Sneaking about.

Kurtis can hide in the shadows. The guards will not see him even if he is in their line of sight.

Power lines.

Using his x-ray vision Kurtis can ‘see’ power cables running through a room.

The cables are drawn as a superimposed line over the room.

The cables are colour coded.

Green is a communications cable. If Kurtis cuts this cable the guards can’t call for reinforcements.

Red is for power to an automated item. Ie: door, engine, winch, electronic device. If Kurtis cuts this cable the machine will stop working.

Weight of objects.

All objects in the world will have a weight assigned to them.

This will be used to determine whether Kurtis can smash through a door that is heavier than he is, whether he can lift an item unassisted and how an object reacts when it is thrown or dropped.

Some puzzles will be based around weight dispositions. Ie: Cantilevers, scales and pulleys where the result is dependant on a certain weight being applied.

Game walkthrough.

Level 01 – Dungeons.


01. Escape from cell with prisoner.

Attract guard in following ways.

Method 01 : Burn bed with lantern.

Method 02 : Start fight with prisoner.

Method 03 : Wait for food to be delivered.

Change into guards uniform. If you don’t do this the camera outside the cell will alert more guards.

02. A guard is in the control room.

Wait until guard is facing other way and sneak past.

03. Run around central walkway.

04. Ride lift down to middle floor.

05. Avoid guards patrolling cell cages.

06. Medical room. Explore. Find out here that there is a tracker implant in Kurtis’ head.

07. Run around central walkway.

08. Ride lift down to ground floor.

09. Discover that the lift platform needed to escape the dungeons is controlled from inside the guard barracks.

10. Release prisoners who will attack guard barracks.

11. Pick up lift platform key.

12. Ride lift platform to up to the surface.

13.Prisoner falls from lift platform. Kurtis is now on his own.

14. Operate lift platform by yourself through the middle floor area. Move fast to avoid detection.

15. Use control of ravens to distract guards and ride the lift platform to the surface.


Level 02 – Laboratory.


01. Kurtis must negotiate a maze of corridors and rooms. Avoid the guards who are homing in on the tracker bug inside Kurtis’ head.

02. Search this next area. Rooms contain three pick ups that together will switch on the machine that removes the tracker bug from Kurtis head.

03. Find a helmet. This dampens the signal emitting from the tracker bug and the guards are less efficient at homing in on Kurtis.

04. Find the room with the bug removing machine. Drop the three pickups on it. It switches on.

05. Play the mini-game. Zap the moving bug inside Kurtis head with the cross hairs.

06. Jump down the waste disposal chute to escape guards.


Level 03 – Mine maze and artillery gun fortress.


01. Kurtis slides down the chute and lands in an underground tunnel.

02. Explore the maze of mine shafts and tunnels.

Pick ups include: Dynamite, oil barrels, burning torches, axes.

Use them to slow down the guards or clear the path.

03. Avoid the speeding mine carts.

04. Avoid the patrolling guards.

05. Avoid the dangerous prisoners forced to work in the mines.

06. Cross the underground river and enter the artillery gun fortress.

07. Jump on the ammunition train and ride it to safety.


Level 04 – Power house.


01. Jump off the ammunition train.

02. Climb the network of platforms, ladders, stairs and conveyor belts.

03. Avoid obstructions like: Blazing furnaces, fireballs, jets of hot steam, crushing hammers, rotating cogs and rollers.

04. Operate lifts and cranes to negotiate chasms and sheer drops.

05. Aim the vents on the blast furnaces and steam pipes at the patrolling guards.

Fireballs and clouds of vapour can be used to the players advantage.

06. Exit the level.


Level 05 – Castle ramparts.


01. Enter a courtyard. Avoid the vents that belch fireballs and hot steam at intermittent intervals.

02. Run along the castle battlements. Avoid the guards, gun towers and search lights.

03. A helicopter patrols overhead with a searchlight. Avoid it. Detection alerts the guards on the ground.

04. Locate the main castle gate. It is locked. Find the key.

05. Explore the castle. Search the corridors, store rooms and cells for pick ups and the gate key.

06. Explore the great hall. Avoid detection.

07. Explore the ancient library. Locate the hidden door in the bookshelves with x-ray vision.

08. Walk down the ancient stone tunnel/staircase.

09. Enter the control room. Steal the gate key.

10. Return to the castle gate. Open it with the key. Escape.


Level 06 – Fishing village.


01. Explore the maze of alleyways in the fishing village.

02. Avoid the patrolling guards.

03. Search for useful pick ups.

04. Locate the harbour. All the ships have been wrecked and are half submerged underwater.

05. Go to the light house. Climb the steps to the top.

06. Ride the winch platform that takes supplies up to the palace kitchens.


Level 07 – Palace.


01. The winch platform arrives at the palace kitchens. Jump off.

02. Explore the cellars and kitchen.

03. Ride the dumb waiter up to the ball room.

04. Explore the ball room, great hall, throne room, map room.

05. Find the Princess locked in her chamber. Release her. She gives you the key to the Tower of Knowledge.

06. Kurtis swings off the balcony and lands on the palace ramparts.

07. Search for the Tower of Knowledge. It is one of a series of towers linked by high interconnecting walkways and narrow bridges. Avoid the guards by jumping from walkway to walkway.

08. Locate the Tower of Knowledge and enter. It is lined with ancient books and maps. A large brass globe is suspended in the center of the library.

09. Use x-ray vision to locate the Sun book and when it is picked up a secret passage way is revealed.

10. Enter the secret passage.


Level 08 – Command center.


01. Enter the ground floor of the command center. It is the mechanical clockwork base on which the command center is rotated.

02. Negotiate the platforms and avoid the guards. Use the suspended chains to swing from platforms and ride the rotating cogs upwards.

03. Enter the control room. A large orchid is in the center of the room covered by a protective glass dome.

04. Drop the Sun book on the control desk and the co-ordinates will turn the command center to face the sun.

05. Run up to the next deck.

06. The command center turns and faces the sun.

07. Pull the lever to open the Cyclops visor. It retracts and sunlight fills the room.

08. Reverse the prism on the lens and the sunlight is bounced down onto the captive orchid below.

09. The orchid reacts to the intense beam of sunlight and grows, shattering the glass dome and flowering. The flowers turn to a fruit and Kurtis eats it. The fruit is the antidote to the medical treatment he has been subjected to.

Now he will not become enslaved like the other people on the island.

10. Go to the roof of the command center.

A hot air balloon is tethered to the roof.

11. Jump in the balloon and it lifts off. Kurtis escapes.


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