Tomb Raider: Chronicles patch

Troye created a fantastic patch for Tomb Raider 5 that not only fixes generic wide-screen issues but adds a number of quality of life updates; and the best thing is you can toggle most of those improvements on/off thus decide for yourself how close to Vanilla you want to be! 


CD version:

  1. Open your TR5 CD in file explorer to view its contents.
  2. Copy over the listed files into the folder you have TR5 installed:
  • Entire audio folder
  • Entire data folder
  • Entire fmv folder
  • Entire screens folder
  • <language.dat> (whichever language your game version is in, typically English.dat or US/UK.dat
  1. Download the latest version of the patch
  2. unzip the archive and copy over the contents to you TR5 folder, overwrite when prompted.
  3. Enjoy!

Steam/GoG version:

  1. Download the latest version of the patch
  2. unzip the archive and copy over the contents to you TR5 folder, overwrite when prompted.
  3. Enjoy!

New options menu:

accessible through the title options menu/pause options menu

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1. FootPrints:

  • Toggles footprints on and off.

2. Point Light Shadows:

Determines behavior of point light/dynamic light shadows.

  • TR4: Brings more physically accurate shadowing.
  • TR5: Less physically accurate, produces broader lighting.

3. Shadow Mode:

Determines shadow shape

  • Original: Original octagon shape.
  • Circle: A flat semi-transparent circle.
  • PSX: A faded circle similar to the shadow present in the PSX version.

4. Fix climb up delay:

  • Fixes the 1 second delay for Lara’s ledge climb up.

5. Flexible crawling:

  • Toggles more responsive crawling with less freezes in Lara’s moveset.

6. Cutscene skipper:

  • Toggles the cutscene skipper. (Keep in mind, normal flybies are not cutscenes!) Skip cutscenes using the ESC button.

7. Cheats:

Toggles ingame cheats on and off. For inventory cheats, highlight the Timex-TMX.

  • DOZY: Flycheat. During DOZY, pressing Action emits a strong white light, and pressing Roll turns Lara around faster than directional buttons.
  • GUNS: Inventory cheat. Gives Lara all the guns present in the level.
  • BITS: Inventory cheat. Unlocks the special features menu.
  • ITEM: Inventory cheat. Gives Lara all the items (puzzles/keys/crowbar/unlimited flares, etc.) present in the level.
  • SKIP: Inventory cheat. Skips to the next level.
  • HEAL: Inventory cheat. Fills Lara’s healthbar.

8. Bar Positions:

Changes the positions of the bars on the screen.

    • Original: original PC bar positions 

    • Improved: improved PC bar positions 

    • PSX: PSX bar positions


  • 8. Enemy bars:

    • Toggles an enemy health bar on and off.

    9. Ammo counter:

    • Toggles a weapon ammo counter on and off.

    10. Gameover menu:

    • Toggles a PSX-like gameover menu after Lara dies. 


  • 11. Fog:

    • Toggles volumetric fog on and off. 

  • 12. TR4 Camera:

    • Toggles TR4 camera behavior on and off.

    13. Bar Mode:

    Determines the mode of the bars.

    • original: original TR4 bars.
    • TR5: TR5 bar colors.
    • PSX: PSX bar colors.

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    14. Crawl Tilting:

    • Toggles Lara tilting while crawling on sloped surfaces.

    15. PSX Skies:

    • Toggles using the PSX sprite for the sky.

    16. TR4 loadscreens:

    • Toggles using original picture or new TR4 style loading screens.

    17. Loadbar style:

    Determines the style of the loading bar in the loading screens.

    • TR4: big bar, like TR4.
    • TR5: original small TR5 bar.

    18. mono screen style:

    Determines the style of the inventory/pause menu background.

    • original: The original yellow-ish style.
    • TR4: The TR4 black and white.
    • Clear: Clear game screen as is, no color modification.

    19. Loading text:

    • Toggles the “Loading” text in loading screens. Note: TR5 loadbar style will ignore this option and never show the text. This is intentional and will not change.




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