Hello everyone!

So the day has come where we can do no more (for now). Today, we are releasing our Tomb Raider Encyclopedia so that everyone can read it. It has been a labour of love that began in 2012 and has taken us 4 years to catch up to the most latest game. We hope that you enjoy glancing through it, and if you do notice any mistakes, we won’t mind if you send us a message and let us know. For the first month, we’re happy to make corrections and reupload it so that the bestest version is out there. We’ll use our tumblr (Virtual-Lara) to date when the latest version has gone out.

We’ve uploaded two packages. These contain:

1) The Encyclopedia and Ready Reference merged together, with a few extra documents and a statistics document.

i. Link 1 (for the authentic encyclopedia feel)


2) the Encyclopedia and Ready Reference as separate documents, with a few extra documents and a statistics document.

i. Link 2(this is just in case your pc finds it hard to load up a 863 page PDF, or if you want to view it on your phone or tablet.)

Latest Versions: Encyclopedia Vers. 1.5 – 25th Dec 2016

We had originally said that we were thinking about creating other versions of the Encyclopedia where entries would be sorted into categories. Well, for now, we’re going to take a break from that idea. Now that we have caught up with the modern games, it should be easy for us to write things up going along with the series. There are a few things missing from the Ready Reference and we will keep our eyes open for an opportunity to finish those things.

Many thanks to you all for your interest and support in this project. These past two months have been constant, focused work, and hearing your enthusiasm to read the Encyclopedia has helped to spur us on. We hope that you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.