E3 2015 Recap Guide


And so my
duties as Tomb Raider Ambassador for E3 2015 came to an end. I spent 8 days in
Los-Angeles and managed to visit Crystal Dynamics’ studio in San Francisco.
This is a short recap-guide of my adventure with links to related posts, articles, photos and videos.


Lara Croft at the Getty Museum

A Lara a day keeps evil mummies away

The role of Tomb Raider in my life


Animation in Rise of the Tomb Raider

My E3 Experience

Rise of the Tomb Raider Demo Impressions


Brian Horton – game director (video interview)

John Stafford – lead narrative designer (video interview)

Brandon Fernandez – Animation Director

Noah Hughes – Creative Director


See below a very detailed video recap. It features voice over by Shelley Blond (the original voice
of Lara in Tomb Raider 1996):


I have uploaded some on my website here and there are much more on my Facebook