Full Confession:

“I’m still scarred for life from what I was told in year 8 in high school.  In which I had a conversation with some male friends I knew since primary school.  I felt awkward being the only girl on the table, and depressed because all my friends were in the higher level classes.   We spoke about  what video game we play and I said I loved Tomb Raider.  I talked of how you can engage with the environments, multiple weapons, and her intelligence.  Until I was told “Tomb Raider is a boys game, that’s why she has massive boobs”.  Everyone laughed at me, and it shattered my confidence.   

It from here I actually stopped playing the Tomb Raider games, it killed me inside and I felt so guilty the amount of money my mum had wasted on me. I look back and see how silly this is.  But a few year later after suffering from sever bullying I dug around our computer games and became determined to complete Tomb Raider 2.  Playing the game I could escape and gain back this confidence.

I felt isolated as none of my friends loved tomb raider the way I did they couldn’t see past Lara’s appearance.  But I decided why should I let other decide what I can and cant like, it made me happy. 

I’m proud to say that I am now the proud owner of a life size Lara Croft statue and over 300 pieces of memorabilia, written a university dissertation on Lara Croft, and have an amazing boyfriend who supports my collection some people think I’m weird and other think It’s an interesting hobby .

Lara has allowed me to see past all the negativity and bullies and show me I am the one true person who can make me happy.  I don’t let people put me down and the more people mock me the more determination it gives me to collect.”

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