Lara’s Musical Career

After the release of Tomb Raider in 1996, Lara became an icon. She featured in many TV commercials, on many magazine covers and was part of U2’s Popmart World Tour. Lara’s music career did not end there.

UPD. Natalie Cook, the original Lara Croft model, was asked by then Eidos to record a song back in 1996. The track was never released publicly. In the spirit of Tomb Raider’s 20th Anniversary, Natalie sent us the original cassette of the song

In early 1997, Naked Records released a 12" vinyl. The vinyl contained a remixed dance track (LC – Raiders)with the motifs of the original Tomb Raider soundtrack and Natla’s voice repeating the line “Feast your eyes on this, Lara”. 

Later Eidos decided to release a proper album featuring Lara as a singer.
As Rhona Mitra was the Lara model at the time, Eidos had decided to give her the opportunity to sing as Lara. David Stewart, English musician, songwriter and record producer, best known for his work with Eurythmics, was assigned to produce the album. Dave composed all the tracks.

Record Label – NAKED
Format – CD ALBUM
Release date 1998/06


  • Getting Naked (Arthur Baker Mix) (3:38)
  • Making Love (Dub) (7:39)
  • Naked (12″ Vocal) (7:01)
  • Getting Naked (Glen Skinner Mix) (4:07)
  • Beautiful Day (Glen Skinner Mix) (3:58)
  • Beautiful Day (Sure Is Pure Mix) (8:20)
  • Come Alive (4:52)
  • Tashina (4:57)
  • Really Real (3:51)
  • Feel Myself (4:44)
  • Rock Your Own World (3:41)

After nearly a year of recording Eidos and Rhona Mitra parted their ways. The “Come Alive” release was largely limited to France (the country in which it was recorded, as Stewart lived there) though it was published in the UK eventually. With 11 tracks and an interactive slideshow featuring Rhona in Lara’s costume, “Come Alive” was not a successful album by any means.

In 1998 Eidos re-released the most popular track “Getting Naked” as a separate “Getting Naked Single”.


Record Label – NAKED
Format – CD ALBUM
Release date – 1998


  • Getting Naked (Arthur Baker Mix) (3:38)
  • Getting Naked (Glen Skinner Mix) (4:07)

Since Lara’s popularity was increasing and the amount of albums produced was limited, in 1999 Naked Records decided to re-release the original Come Alive album, renaming it to Female Icon and adding a couple more tracks to it.


Record Label – NAKED
Format – CD ALBUM
Release date – 1999


  • L.C. Raiders  (3:20)
  • Rock Your Own World (3:40)
  • Getting Naked (Glen Skinner Mix) (4:06)
  • Come Alive (4:50)
  • Getting Naked (Arthur Baker Mix) (3:38)
  • Really Real (3:49)
  • Feel Myself (Arthur Baker Mix) (4:42)
  • Tashina (4:55)
  • Time To Change (5:04)
  • Beautiful Day (Glen Skinner Mix) (3:57)
  • Beautiful Day (Sure Is Pure Mix) (8:18)

You can purchase Female Icon on Amazon.

You can listen to the whole album here:

Interestingly in one of the recent interviews, Rhona was talking about the “album” she recorded a while ago, and when she was asked to elaborate on it…well see for yourself (2:54):

This is how Lara’s singing career ended. For now anyway.

However, in 1998 Lara did feature in one music video for a German band Die Arzte. The video clip “Manner Sind Schweine” (Men are pigs) features a mute digital Lara Croft model.

And of course everyone remembers the Alex C and Yasmin K Angel of Darkness music video

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