Some Q & As with Crystal Dynamics on the Rise of the Tomb Raider

Q: Will all abilities learned in Tomb Raider’sreboot be available in the beginning of the next game? 

A: Game Informer’s
coverage of ROTTR discusses how upgrades have been improved to deepen the
survival theme and systems in our game. As with Tomb Raider (2013), you’ll need
to earn XP to learn new skills, and additionally find crafting ingredients of
varying rarity to upgrade your weapons and tools. We’ll go deeper into these
systems at a later date. 

Q: Will we see Lara transforming from young to adult in this
game or will we start with an adult Lara, much like classic Lara?

A: The game takes
place approximately one year after the events of Tomb Raider 2013. Lara Croft
is a changed woman, as what she witnessed, and the actions she was forced to
take to protect herself and her crewmates, has taken a toll. While she’s still
learning about herself and what she’s capable of, she’s also grown and become
more confident in her abilities. She will continue to transform throughout Rise
of the Tomb Raider, as she faces survival situations and scenarios that will
push her limits. 

Q: Will dual pistols return in Rise of the Tomb Raider or in
the future?

A: Lara’s new
signature weapons are those that fit the survival theme and have multiple uses.
Both her bow and axe can be used as a tool or a weapon, and additionally offer
stealth takedowns in combat. These make them thematically a strong choice for
Lara Croft. As to whether Lara’s twin pistols will ever return, we never say
never, but aren’t providing details at this time.

Q: Are you going to use TressFX 3.0 and Direct X12 in ROTTR?

A: We haven’t
released details on this yet, but rest assured we’re looking forward to sharing
more about the tech we’re using.


Q: During the release of rebooted Tomb Raider in 2013, you
told fans many times that this was a reboot and a fresh start of the series.
So, where does Temple of Osiris fit in? Is Lara from LCTOO the rebooted Lara?
Or classic Lara?** 

A: Currently we
have two brands that feature Lara Croft as a character – the Tomb Raider brand,
and the Lara Croft brand. Moving forward, any game titled “Tomb Raider” will
star the new, rebooted Lara Croft and continue the narrative from our 2013
title. This Lara is also featured in the Dark Horse comics, and Brady Games’ Ten
Thousand Immortals.

With the debut of
LCTOO, we cemented the Lara Croft brand as a nostalgic tribute to classic Croft
and the early Tomb Raider games.

These two brands
exist independent of each other, and do not take place in the same timeline.
Rebooted Lara will not necessarily “grow up” to be Lara from Temple of Osiris.
However, from time to time we may have some content crossovers – such as the
Tomb Raider 2013 costume packs in LCTOO.

Q: Will you consider to publish GoL in box edition too? Maybe
some dual pack with LCTOO? There is only one box edition of GoL in the world,
the German.

A: There are no
plans to do so at this time, but we always listen to our fans so if it’s
something that is of great interest we’ll consider it.

Q: Will
the story in Rise of the Tomb Raider be related to Himiko and Yamatai?

A: You won’t have to play the reboot in order to jump into Rise of the Tomb
Raider. But obviously we hope you will, because we’re quite proud of it. 

That being said, there are narrative threads that will carry over from Lara’s
last adventure. Jonah returns as a companion and compass for Lara.
Additionally, in Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara is driven to seek answers for
what she glimpsed on Yamatai. She saw something she couldn’t explain in Himiko –
proof of life after death, of an immortal soul. After escaping Yamatai all
evidence was covered up and her testimony discredited. Lara is driven to
uncover the truth and prove that what happened to her, and her crewmates, was
real. She hunts down the source of a similar legend, one of the Lost City of

Q: Will Reyes make an
appearance in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

A: The only two characters we’ve revealed at this time are Lara and Jonah.
You’ll have to wait for more details on narrative and additional characters!